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Wicked Sexy (Wicked Games #2) by J.T. Geissinger #BookReview

Wicked Sexy (Wicked Games #2) by J.T. Geissinger #BookReview

by davincikittieAugust 5, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Wicked Sexy is part romantic suspense and part good, old-fashioned, hardcore erotic smut. And by “part” I mean “all the best parts”. Where romantic suspense doesn’t usually pack enough heat to keep me interested, this story steamed up the screen of my reader. It is explicit, raw, and oh so delectable in the dirty details without coming off as over the top or purple prose-y. And while straight erotica doesn’t usually have enough heart to carry a real romantic connection, Wicked Sexy is so pumped full of feels, I devoured the whole not-insubstantial-length thing in less than a day. It’s edgy and dark and not a story you should pick up if you’re in the mood for fluff. The bad guy is chillingly, hauntingly bad—and when I say “hauntingly”, I mean I thought him for days after finishing the book—and the main characters are supercharged with dangerous mystique and brimming with unspoken emotion. The entire story harbors a hard, almost sinister edge, a razor sharp blade lurking in a glossy piece of candy. It’s just on the right side of too angsty, saved by the clever way the characters call each other out on the little tension-building techniques I found myself occasionally frustrated with.

I love all her contradictions. I love that she wears sexy, revealing outfits, has tattoos and piercings, swears like a sailor and knows Krav Maga, but a single kiss can undo her. I love that she’s brilliant and bold and mercilessly independent, but manages to make me feel like a king when she blushes. I love all her sharp edges and all her soft, hidden spots.

Connor Hughes does intense on a whole other level than we saw from Parker in Wicked Beautiful. This man is a tantalizing study in contradictions: large and muscled yet clever, moves with quiet grace; a primal protector with an acerbic wit and big soft heart; a self-made successful G.I. Joe who turns ladies heads as easily as he runs mental circles around intellectuals and strategists. His dialogue swings between a friendly and thoughtful sort of forward-thinking, and reasonably blunt. Connor doesn’t play games and always says exactly what he means, whether it’s filthy foreplay or unpleasant truth. It’s easy to see why Parker trusts him, why his men so loyally follow him. This guy is smart. And real. And so very irresistibly sexy.

I look around the bathroom for something sharp to stab him with.
I freeze when the door swings open. Connor leans against the frame, dwarfing it. He drawls, “Forget to lock something, girl genius?”
I stare at him with what I hope are death rays emanating from my eyes. “I hate you. With a heat like a thousand suns, I hate you. With the force of a million tons of TNT, I hate you. With every fiber of my being, I—”
“Hate me, I get the picture,” says Connor drily. “But you also think I’m kinda cute, right?” He winks.

Connor’s relationship chemistry with Tabitha is scalding hot, true to the glimpse readers got in Wicked Beautiful. But it’s also soul-deep and vulnerable on a level that frightens them both. This story is darker than the first in the series, but still peppered with J.T. Geissinger’s signature spunk, wit, and charm. We met Tabby in the first book, where she was the personal assistant and pet hacker of Victoria Price, and she is solidly true to form in Wicked Sexy. Her fashion style is eye-popping and unique, and I can’t decide whether I crushed on her so hard because of her take-no-shit attitude, her brilliant mind, or her badass self defense skills (which she uses to devastating effectiveness).

“Not everything is about sex, Connor.”
“Yes, it is. Except sex itself. That’s about power.”

Ms. Geissinger’s muse (for this series, anyway) must be a real scorched-earth type, because she likes to build everything up with class and wealth and comfort, then burn it all to the ground and make the characters start over from scratch. I find this both invigorating and annoying, and I know now that I should only open one of these stories if I’m ready to step through the uncomfortable-yet-tantalizing dark tunnel that follows all the lovely, light-hearted fun. If you’re a fan of red hot romantic suspense, you won’t want to miss J.T. Geissinger’s Wicked Sexy!

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