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Tere Michaels takes us inside her dark dystopian superhero Vigilante saga #CMCon16 #AuthorSpotlight #giveaway

Tere Michaels takes us inside her dark dystopian superhero Vigilante saga #CMCon16 #AuthorSpotlight #giveaway

by davincikittieNovember 1, 2015

Please help me welcome Tere Michaels to GraveTells!

Hello! I’m truly delighted to share Book 2 in the Vigilante series, “Who Knows the Dark.” The roots of this series goes back to a moment in a bookstore when I randomly picked up a Dean Koontz book called “Lightning.”

It was the cover, the blurb, curiosity. I’d been a romance-only reader for a long time and then switched to fantasy. I couldn’t figure out the genre of this book which also might have intrigued me! Anyway, I fell into this book and when I came up for air all I could do was marvel. It was about time-travel! So it was sci-fi but wait, there was a strong historical component (WWII). But hang on – the romance! Oh heavens, I was swooning. And action! With sarcasm and angst! I felt like I was home.

Writing the Vigilante series is what reading “Lightning” was like for me. A cross section of genres, all wrapped up in my voice, delivering action and emotion and plot and feelings, hopefully tired up in an exciting ride!

Nox is a superhero in the making. Like many superheroes, he doesn’t know it quite yet! He’s wrapped up in his own internal struggles, trying to solve the mystery of his youth while also protecting his adopted son, Sam. Like all superheroes-in-training, he has a mysterious enemy, a ragtag group of misfits who make up his team (though they’re still learning as well) and – most importantly – a partner like Cade, who is heroic and powerful in his own right. They haven’t quite figured out what’s going on between them except they can’t seem to quit each other, no matter how crazy the world gets.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Giveaway (below!): I am happy to give away a super prize package – books 1 and 2 of the series in ebook form as well as the audio from the first book, Who Knows the Storm!

Who Knows the Dark (Vigilante #2) by Tere Michaels

A wanted man after the destruction of the Iron Butterfly Casino, Nox Boyet must flee the island of Manhattan—the only home he’s ever known. Together with Cade, Sam, and the rest of their ragtag group, Nox must find a place to hide from the District Police and the violent group of unknown drug dealers on his tail.

The solution—the Creel family farm in South Carolina.

But home isn’t quite sweet for Cade, the prodigal son. As Cade struggles with his own secrets, shadows of the past threaten not only Nox’s life, but his relationship with his son, Sam.

Nox knows there will never be peace unless he finds the answers to all his questions—and the answers lie back on the island. Cade and the others must choose their paths—find safety or follow the Vigilante into the darkness of the city? The city where Nox will come face-to-face with the past.

Find it online at: Amazon (kindle)* | GoodReads
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New to the series? Start with Who Knows the Storm*, book 1 in the Vigilante series.

Read an excerpt

NOX WOKE up with a start.

He remembered falling asleep for what felt like a moment after the distraction of Cade’s body and his own orgasm, but it hadn’t lasted long. Now he lay awake with his eyes shut, trying to find a place to rest his mind. When Cade woke up, Nox hid behind the illusion of sleeping, hoping to avoid conversation. Whatever Cade wanted to know, it was fairly certain Nox didn’t have an answer for him.
Blankets tangled around his waist, Nox pulled himself upright, blinking in the light streaming through the high round window of the cabin wall.
The moment of hazy respite ended as his panic spiked back into action. How long had he slept? Gripping the sheets, Nox listened. The boat continued to move, albeit a bit rougher than last night, and there was neither silence nor chaos above deck. The smell of coffee and slightly burned bacon wafted in from under the door, and voices were heard moving close and then far away. A wash of something—shame? Embarrassment?—drove him to move quickly. Sleeping so late and so soundly was at complete odds with his usual habits.
Nox tumbled out of bed, skin pebbling from the coolness. He found a stack of clothes that weren’t his—jeans, a black turtleneck, socks—on top of his boots, and everything else he’d been wearing before bed gone. His other weapons were tucked into his shoes, his gun unmoved from the mattress.
Cade had apparently done some housekeeping.
The young man’s presence in his life had been necessary these past few weeks. He couldn’t have ever imagined needing help, but Cade was there—getting Sam out of jail and then helping Nox rescue him from the Iron Butterfly.
And the rest….
He didn’t have any excuse for how far he had dropped his guard since he first laid eyes on Cade Creel.
Dressed after a quick washup in the adjoining bathroom, where a tiny men’s grooming kit had awaited him, Nox breathed in and settled his jangling nerves as he opened the door.
The scent of breakfast drew him down the narrow corridor and past the staterooms. Even Sam’s room was empty—and therefore devoid of the hovering Mason Todd—and Nox walked a bit quicker.
The part of his life that was “Nox and Sam” had suddenly expanded in ways he didn’t know how to navigate.
In the main space, where the kitchen was, Nox stepped into a crowded gaggle of passengers tightly squeezed onto two benches around a square table. Plates of bacon and toast and full mugs of coffee crowded the space, as conversation swelled then died off when Nox’s presence registered.
A band of felons and escapees turned to face him and flinched, as if a black cloud had just stepped in front of the sun.
His spine stiffened.
“Dad!” Sam, of course, was the first to greet him, his voice hoarse but cheerful. His glasses long gone, he blinked myopically from under a knit cap, wisps of hair poking out around his face. Swimming in an oversized navy sweater, he was tucked between Mason and Rachel—much to Nox’s jaw-clenching displeasure. “There’s real coffee!” Sam added and followed that up with a ragged cough.
“Sounds good,” Nox murmured, sliding his hands into his pockets, where he felt comforted as his fingers touched the handle of his knife like it was a talisman. “How are you feeling?”
The tiny smile on his son’s face gave him the smallest measure of peace. “Better,” Sam croaked, then shrugged when his voice seemed to fail him. “Upright at least,” he mouthed.
Nox couldn’t muster a smile, but he felt his expression soften. “Don’t push yourself.”
“Mason and Rachel…,” Sam started again, but the wheeze-cough of his lungs stopped him in his tracks. The wet sound had Nox moving toward the table out of instinct.
“Mason and Rachel are taking excellent care of you,” Rachel interjected, patting Sam on the back as Mason held him by his shoulders. She flicked her gaze to Nox, a charming smile on her face—which stopped him in his tracks. “Some things you don’t forget, right? Like riding a bike.”
Nox felt the telltale signs of anger return—a flash of red, a throb in his temples, the squeezing of his fists against the fabric of his pants—and tried briefly to decide between shooting her or tossing her overboard. Before he could open his mouth, something else filled his sight.
A smiling Cade.
“Have something to eat before you murder anyone,” he said dryly, pressing a mug to Nox’s chest. The heat refocused him; the burn reminded him of all the worried eyes pointed in his direction.
“Yes, Cade?”
“Behave yourself.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Nox wrapped his hand around the mug and nodded at Cade, hopefully letting him know that violence was momentarily off the menu.
“There’s bacon. I managed to wrestle enough onto a plate for you,” Cade said, his cheerful voice never wavering. “Want to eat up on deck? Blink once for yes, two for no, and three for they’ll never find her body.”

About the author

author Tere MichaelsTere Michaels unofficially began her writing career at the age of four when she learned – via a Disney magazine subscription – that people got paid to write stories. It seemed the most perfect and logical job in the world and after that, her path was never in question.

Tere’s specialties are snark, angst, and happily ever afters. And not so happily ever afters that eventually work out because she is, after all, a romantic – tempered with realism. She has written fifteen books including her popular Faith, Love & Devotion series and the superhero saga The Vigilante.

She is a member of RWA, Rainbow Romance Writers and Liberty States Fiction Writers.

Follow Tere online at: her websiteTwitter


Tere has brought a giveaway for today’s post that is great for readers new to the series! Here’s the prize pack:

  • Ebook + audio narration of Who Knows the Storm (book one in the Vigilante saga)
  • Ebook of Who Knows the Dark (book two in the Vigilante saga)

To enter to win, fill out the prize widget below. Leave Tere a comment below! Are you a new reader? Already a fan? Do you love dystopians and superhero romances? What did you think of the excerpt? 


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  • Jen
    November 2, 2015 at 6:36 am

    I have not yet read any of Tere’s books, but I have Who Knows the Storm on my TBR list. I do like dystopian stories (have not read many with superheroes though). Enjoyed the excerpt – think I will like Cade.


  • Mary Preston
    November 2, 2015 at 7:45 pm

    I can’t recall reading any superhero romances, but I like the concept.

  • Lee Todd
    November 3, 2015 at 4:45 am

    I am a new reader, dystopian isn’t a genre I read a lot of but I do enjoy it, superheroes….hmmmm…can’t say I’ve read many of them!
    I really enjoyed the excerpt and can’t wait to read more

  • Black Rose
    November 6, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    I have been devouring stories since early childhood and salovating over mm specific ones for about 6 years. I have a soft spot for mm superhero stories, manga or comics and enjoy dystopian settings if well written. I read 3 of Tere’s stories in 2013 – Faith and Fidelity, Love and Loyalty, and Personal Shopper. I do have a copy of Heir Apparent my sister bought me for my b’day – planning to read it very soon.
    The excerpt for The Vigilante: Who Knows The Dark, is a tempting morsel and I do want to finish the meal. Hints at a history has me already looking up the first book in this series.

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