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Tech Spotlight: eReader gadgets & accessories we love

Tech Spotlight: eReader gadgets & accessories we love

by davincikittieJuly 6, 2013

All week we’ve been talking about e-publishing and have even spotlighted an eReader and app in our Tech Reviews. We figured it would be fun to highlight some of our favorite eReader gadgets and accessories to close out Indie-Pendence Week 2013 in style!

eReader covers

Go retro!

Transform your reader into a classic book with’s hardcover jackets.

OOP-cover1 OOP-cover2

Different covers are available for various devices so be sure to check the details for a match to your eReader. See the full selection here!

Get classy

Ever wished your reader would just freaking stand on its own already?  Tired of holding it in the optimal reading position?  Check out this snazzy leather stand case with a stylish tree of life emboss…

TufLove1 TufLove2

Currently available for Kindle Keyboard and the 6″ Kindle 4!

Under wraps

For the artistically inclined, here’s a lovely leather wrap cover to satisfy your craving to journal…


Made by LightWedge but no longer available on their store, this just might be a limited edition item, so snag it if you like it!

Let there be light!

One of the biggest complaints about e-ink eReaders is that, no matter how easy they are to read in direct sunlight, they’re darn near impossible to use in low light.  Sure, you can stick on an external light gadget, but who wants to carry that around ‘just in case’?  This is for all you nighttime-readers out there…

Klight1 Klight2

This style is available for various versions of the Kindle on Amazon.

App-lovers unite!

For those of you who read on your cell phones, you probably don’t need an external light and likely want a case that is more utilitarian than the cutesies shown above.  Check out these cases!

Kick it with a good ebook

Look, holding a tiny cell phone for long periods of time just ain’t that comfortable for your hands!  Sometimes you just wanna set it down to read and free up your hands for something else (like eating or a bath… what? You know you do it too!).  What you need is a case with a kickstand!

nk1 nk2

You can find one at a local Best Buy or snag it online here.

Note: The one pictured above is for the Note 2 (used daily by DVK) but these are also available for other phone models!

Back to basics

Maybe you don’t mind losing a little utility in exchange for versatile little mini-book look for your phone.  This might be just your thing…


This Eco-Fused leather case gives you just about the best of everything: genuine leather, the look of a classic book, a wallet-style storage area, and an attachable mini-stylus. You don’t get a kickstand and it probably won’t save your device from a long walk off a short bridge, but other than that you’ll be stylin’!

The stylus is back in style!

If you’re an old school Blackberry fan or a tech-savvy up & comer riding the cutting edge of technology… or a book blogger who wants more accuracy when flipping those virtual pages and Swype-typing those review notes… you’ve probably tried out a stylus or two.  True stylus lovers will want to consider the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro for the classy, custom stlyii that work seamlessly with their respective devices and do it with a whole lot more pizzazz (and less bulk!) than the independent models you can buy to work with any capacitive touch screen.  If the Note 2 and Surface aren’t your thing (or just aren’t in the budget yet), check out these top stylus choices…

adonit sty

For the paperback holdouts

Some readers just really love their hardcopies, and we totally get that.  There’s nothing like the smell of a library or the feel of a beloved old book in your hands.  Reading in low light is as much of a challenge for traditional readers as it is for eReader enthusiasts, and frumpy little snake lights that clip on are SO last decade.  Seriously.

It’s a bookmark… it’s a light… it’s a LightWedge!

LightWedge has been making reading accessories for at least a decade and their original product is still a hands-down favorite.  The LightWedge lets you easily keep your place in a book while providing sleek and easy illumination that doesn’t cast as much of a bubble around you as traditional LED snake lights do.  Check this baby out…

LWr1 LWr2

If you can’t tell from the photos, the lights are in the handle of the device and illuminate along the plexiglass plate.  Looking at the end of the lighted plate directly, it’s quite bright, but when laid flat on your book pages, it neatly and softly illuminates the text rather than your entire room.  You can snag your own LightWedge here, with plenty of colors to choose from!

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