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September 2012 Readers Choice Awards: Vote here!

September 2012 Readers Choice Awards: Vote here!

by davincikittieSeptember 26, 2012

Welcome to the September 2012 GraveTells Readers Choice Award polls!

These polls are only open from 9:00 pm (PST) Wednesday, September 26th until 8:00 pm (PST) on Saturday, September 29th. Help us spread the word to vote up your favorites!

For each category below, vote for your favorites. A few important notes before we get started…


  • You’ll be able to select more than one entry on both polls, so be sure to choose as many as you can/want before clicking “Vote”.
  • You may only vote once per category for the entire duration of the voting period, so choose wisely!
  • All nominees in the Favorite Story polls were reviewed by GraveTells during the month of September 2012. This category includes both full-length novels and novellas/short stories.  If you need a refresher, click the link for our monthly review overview pages in each Favorite Story voting section below.
  • All nominees in the Favorite Author polls were featured by GraveTells during the month of September 2012 (and the tail end of July) in a tour, guest post, or interview.  If you missed a guest spot or want more information on an author, you can see our full list of guest spots here, book tours here, and Q&A sessions here.


Favorite Story of September 2012

Choose your favorite two (2) stories reviewed by GT this month…

See all September 2012 reviews here!

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Favorite Author of September 2012

Choose your favorite two (2) authors featured by GT this month…

[poll id=”32″]

All done voting?

The results on this page update in real time (refresh the screen), so you can follow the progress of your favorites to know when you need to help promote them to your friends and fans to help garner more votes!  Remember, all voting closes at 8:00pm PST on Saturday, September 30th! Happy voting and thank you for participating!

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