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Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers #1) by Sarina Bowen #BookReview #BookoftheMonth

Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers #1) by Sarina Bowen #BookReview #BookoftheMonth

by davincikittieSeptember 19, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

I. Love. Hockey romances! As I write this review, hockey season is just about to start, and the energy from this story perfectly compliments that anticipatory pre-season buzz. Rookie Move is the first in the new Brooklyn Bruisers hockey romance series by Sarina Bowen. The same Sarina Bowen who is half of the award-winning author duo that penned the very memorable Him, one of the first male-male romances ever to win a RITA and the GraveTells Book of the Year for 2015. So you could say I went into this read with high expectations. *wink*

In this job, she’d felt truly independent, putting down her own fragile roots in a new place. Fast forward twenty-four hours, and her daddy had joined the workplace and her ex -boyfriend had showed up to remind her of all that she’d lost. Really, a girl could be forgiven for feeling slightly hysterical.

Georgia, adorably, is a dumpling-loving, adrenaline-chasing badass chick who is working her ass off to make her temporary promotion as head of PR for the Brooklyn Bruisers hockey club a permanent deal. Her dad getting hired as the new head coach and calling her ‘princess’ at the office isn’t so great for her iron image, and now the love of her life—whom she dumped in high school, shattering his heart—is a brand new rookie on the team. Can’t ask for much more of a perfect setup for a steamy sports romance than that! Throw in a data-obsessed internet billionaire who dances to his own tune, a locker room full of surly pranksters, and just about the best friend a girl could ask for, and this series has a ton of potential.

“That tight skirt you wore to the game last night made it hard to concentrate.”
“I’ll wear something baggy to the next one. We need the wins.” She slid off his lap and moved toward the edge of the bed.
“Wait.” His long arms reached for her hips. “I need to say good-bye to the tatas.”
Georgia’s heart squeezed as Leo leaned down to nuzzle her left nipple. “Later,” he said, the word muffled by the swell of her breast. Then he dipped his head to have a word with the other one. It was absolutely ridiculous. And yet Georgia’s eyes got hot. Because he used to do the same thing after they’d fooled around in high school.

I loved that even though Leo and Georgia dated in the past, they parted pseudo-amicably and he’s not the bad guy of the story. Right from the start, I sympathized with both of them for the sad way things ended between them all those years ago, and I respected the people they have worked hard to become.

She caught him by the chin. “Be good.”
“Baby, I am good. You said so yourself the other morning.”
Another eye roll. “Leo, we can’t be a couple right now. There are complications. It’s not that easy …”
He grabbed her in a hug and buried his nose in her hair. “It’s exactly this easy. You and me, alone together. There’s not one thing about it that’s complicated. You’re mine, Georgia Worthington. I don’t care what your fucking dad thinks. I spent six years trying to get over you, and it didn’t take. Our time is now.”

Oh, so many feels!! The emotional arc in this story is on point. Something very bad and very personal happened to Georgia in high school, and it affected all their lives—hers, Leo’s, her dad’s—in foundation shaking ways. And for Leo, that trauma formed hidden cracks, micro fissures just waiting for the right catalyst to bust open when he least expects it. This story shimmers with emotion, with love and fear and history and need. I can’t get over what a good guy Leo is. He just never gives up, and he turns every negative into a positive. He’s real and sympathetic and so so strong.

Maybe she’d only had sex with one man in her life, and some people would consider that pathetic. It wasn’t, though. She knew she’d been spoiled in the best possible way. The man lying on top of her right now was the MVP. No question.

If hockey romance is one of your vices, buying this book is an easy choice. DO IT. NOW! If you’re not really into sports or the hockey thing, DO IT ANYWAY! Rookie Move transcends genre boundaries. It is simply great. So I’ll put it this way: If feels are your thing, this is your book. =)

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