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Review: The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter (The Complete Collection) by Jennifer Malone Wright

Review: The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter (The Complete Collection) by Jennifer Malone Wright

by KariOctober 2, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Whenever Chloe asked about her father, her mother told her he had died a long time ago. What Chloe’s mother wasn’t telling her was that her father is among the undead–he is a vampire. Now Chloe’s mother is gone and Chloe is in for a fight for her life, but first needs to see if she has what it takes. She’s joined by a group of hunters, including a relative she’s never had the chance to meet. The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter has action, twists, a little bit of romantic tension, and it’s definitely recommended!

  • Title: The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter
  • Author: Jennifer Malone Wright
  • Prominent Characters: Chloe, Drew, Trevor, Lucas, Gavin
  • Recommended Reader Age: Young Adult
  • Genre: Paranormal Fiction
  • Sexual Content Level: Light

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter is composed of six installments of The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter series. The story follows Chloe, a 14-year-old girl, who has been kept from her mother’s life as a vampire hunter–until the day Chloe is nearly kidnapped by a group of ruthless vampires. She is saved and thrown into the world of the hunters, then trained to protect herself and the slayer community. Chloe must learn to fight, not just because her vampire father, Trevor, wants her to himself but because it’s in her blood to hunt.

Because the series was originally released separately you can see the overlap in some detail as you start new chapters. However, once moving past the first few paragraphs of each segment the flow becomes steady and it is easy to forget. Reading can still be a little bumpy at times, with some of the inconsistencies leading you to distraction, but the quality of the story can help you move past them.

I really enjoyed the characters we meet throughout The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter. Chloe is 14 years old when we first meet her, but despite the fear and anger she feels from the loss of her mother and learning about her father, she shows great maturity and she keeps a cool head in tough situations. Drew, a mysterious 18-year-old who trains Chloe, and Gavin, one of Chloe’s super-cute classmates, are both charming and frustrating, as boys typically are. You found yourself drawn to them both for different reasons, and it can be hard to decide who you like more. Luke, the relative Chloe never knew she had, is faithful and understanding, though somehow he seems a little too knowing. The only characters who really fell flat to me were the vampires, who I felt could have caused Chloe a little more trouble, especially towards the end of the story.

Memorable Quotes:

You know a kiss is good when…

I felt his lips touch mine, and my body literally sizzled. My hands were no longer cold, and my cheeks were warmed by my own fire, not by embarrassment.

Final Thoughts:

Though the flow can be rocky at times, The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter is a book you can really dive into and enjoy. This is a recommended read for those who love a good paranormal young adult story. You won’t be disappointed!

Rating: The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter



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