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Review: Sterling (Mageri #1) by Dannika Dark

Review: Sterling (Mageri #1) by Dannika Dark

by dg_mollyAugust 10, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Walking home after a night out, Zoe Merrick is brutally attacked and left for dead. Found covered in blood, she’s taken in by a photographer named Adam and awakes to a body that has undergone drastic changes, new unexplainable paranormal abilities and the realization that her life before the attack is over. With no one to turn to for answers and hiding from her attacker, Zoe stays with Adam until a chance encounter with a gorgeous, but arrogant immortal named Justus, who reveals the truth of her new existence and the danger she now faces without protection. Feeling lost and seeking answers, Zoe agrees to train with Justus only to have her life and freedom challenged by the one man she’s been hiding from and the only man that can take them from her. Sterling is a GraveTells Must-Read!

  • Title: Sterling
  • Series: Mageri #1
  • Author: Dannika Dark
  • Prominent Characters: Zoe/Silver, Adam, Justus
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Her only family a distant mother and close friend, Zoe wakes up after her attack feeling truly alone. With her new appearance and abilities, she knows no one will recognize or believe what happened to her and she can feel her attacker lurking, waiting for her in the dark. When Zoe first wakes up in Adam’s house, their attraction to one another is immediate. Strong, stern, protective, and strikingly handsome, Adam has lost everyone close to him and is determined to help Zoe and keep her safe.

Confused and seeking answers, Zoe finds them in a chance meeting with a drop-dead-gorgeous and cocky immortal named Justus. Learning that she’s now Mage, an immortal that can harness and manipulate energy, Zoe agrees to train under Justus. She quickly learns that Justus is dedicated, stern, loyal, and seemingly untouchable. With an uncontrollable ability that makes him ooze sex and attraction, Justus attracts women like moths to fire. Knowing women are only attracted to his ability and not him, has forced him to be emotionally closed off and unable to open up. Just as mutual trust between Justus and Zoe starts to develop, the only man with the right to claim her, the man that attacked her and stole her life, steps up.

Sterling was stellar from beginning to end. Dark’s characters were witty, sarcastic, and relatable. The plot was completely entrancing, with just the right amount of darkness and romance to balance each other out. I loved it!

Memorable Quotes:

If you can shave a dog, you can shave a head.

“You’ve been on a million photo shoots and never needed help before. You just don’t want to leave me alone.”
“True that. You seem to get yourself in all kinds of trouble when I’m not around.”
I lifted a middle finger slowly and before he could grab it, I shoved my fingers through his hair. “You need a haircut. Do you want me to do it?”
“Have you ever cut hair before?”
I shrugged. “Sure, I shaved a poodle once.”
“And this gives you experience?”
“As long as I don’t have to shave anywhere near your butt it might come out pretty good.”

TMI? I think I need a personal demonstration…

My face scrunched at Justus. “You didn’t cook this, did you?”
Simon leaned over and poured red wine into my glass. “That man may be able to dress for the occasion, but he could not cook to save his own life. Of course you know that by now.” He gave a wink and took his chair. “I, on the other hand, am not without certain skills to which I have refined to an art form. I find that the meal is a prelude to the pleasures of the bedroom. It sets the tone. If I can make a woman moan at the table, then I’ve already got her eating out of my hand. And…I do believe it’s time you had a proper meal.”
The statement was left out there hanging, making me wonder about the latter part. He took a napkin and sharply shook it out, placing it over his lap. “Is everything to your liking?”
That was a fully loaded question if I ever heard one.
“Umm…yeah. My eyes are having sex with this table as we speak.”

Getting’ frictional…

“The male on the dance floor tonight…,” he said, stroking my ankle tenderly. My brows joined together in a display of confusion, only I wasn’t as confused by his comment so much as his thumb sliding up my leg.
“You can’t do that with humans.”
He climbed on the bed blanketing my legs, hands on either side, prowling up my body with a gaze of a predator. Simon’s eyes pulsed with light and I fell into their trance.
“Do what?” I whispered.
Leather pants stroked the outside of my thighs. His hands seductively flirted with my hips, my breast, and my arm until he slowly opened my fingers.
Simon straddled me, bent forward. His palms rubbed against mine and the motion was so frictional that I held my breath. This was not like any other energy exchange I had experienced.
“Touch,” he answered.
Jesus, I had forgotten the question.

The Heart of the matter…

Justus threw his hands around Simon’s head cradling it like a melon and tiny threads of light, so fine they could have been cobwebs, drifted from his fingertips.
Within a few seconds, Simon started coughing. Justus pulled him up to a sitting position.
“You okay in there?” He knocked on Simon’s head jokingly and I smiled a little.
Simon’s face strained—the rope of muscle in his neck was taut and he grimaced. Suddenly, he reached for a fistful of shirt and pulled Justus so hard they were nose to nose.
“Don’t take this the wrong way,” Simon grunted through his clenched teeth, “but fuck my head mate! Put your bleeding hands on my balls!”
I sat back laughing as Justus considered his request.
“I swear I’ll never tell.” I said, crossing my heart.

If you liked Sterling…

If you enjoyed Sterling and are dying to know what happens next, don’t miss Dannika Dark’s sequel, Twist (Mageri #2), the continuing story of Zoe/Silver, Adam, and Justus.

Final Thoughts:

Sterling was fresh, humorous, and gripping. One of the most balanced stories in terms of darkness, action, romance, and humor that I’ve read in a long time. I couldn’t put it down and was reaching for the sequel as soon as I finished it. Sterling is a GraveTells Must Read!

Rating: Sterling


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