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Jodi Vaughn whips up some southern sugar charm in Darkside of the Moon #CMCon16 Author Spotlight #giveaway

Jodi Vaughn whips up some southern sugar charm in Darkside of the Moon #CMCon16 Author Spotlight #giveaway

by davincikittieAugust 26, 2015

Please help me welcome Coastal Magic Convention 2016 Featured Author Jodi Vaughn to GraveTells!

Today’s post continues our tummy-teasing series of foodie posts for the GT #CMCon16 Featured Authors. Look out for Jodi’s giveaway after the excerpt!

Back, due to poplar demand, is Granny. Yes, if you’ve read any of the Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves books, you know readers LOVE this woman! She’s the unofficial matriarch of the Pack and keeps the wolves feed. While she does love to cook, sometimes there’s just not enough time. Sometimes she likes to keep it simple. So for breakfast she has her favorite go to meal to keep her werewolves fueled up for their missions.

Here’s a scene with her and Damon (from BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON). And yes, she did promote her own business endeavors at the end. #sheworkshardforhermoney

Excerpt from DARKSIDE OF THE MOON (Book #4)

“Open up! I’ve got coffee and doughnuts and everything,” Granny’s voice called out from the other side of the hotel door.
“Fuck me.” Damon growled and whipped the sheet off his bare body. He snagged his jeans off the floor and smiled as he remembered Ava getting down on her knees last night to help him get undressed. She’d stayed there until he’d almost exploded before taking her on the floor.
Buttoning his jeans up, he lumbered to the door and peered out the peephole.
Granny had her eye up to the tiny opening as if she could see inside. Shaking his head, and opened the door.
“I’ve got breakfast.” The older woman said brightly. She pushed her way into the room and set the tray of coffee and bag of doughnuts on the dresser.
“What time is it? And where’s Ava?” He glanced out the door into the hallway, but it was empty.
“She’s downstairs using the hotel computer. Said she was emailing her contractor today.” Granny glanced around the room. Her gaze landed on Ava’s thong hanging on a nearby lampshade. She arched her brow.
Damon snagged a glazed doughnut out of the brown paper bag and shoved half of it in his mouth. He was an adult, but Granny had a way of making him feel like a naughty teenager.
“Go ahead and eat all those.” Granny waved her hand at the bag. “Ava already took two and a cup of coffee with her.” She grabbed the second Styrofoam cup and popped the lid off. Pulling out some pink packets of sugar substitute and tiny cups of creamer, she doctored her coffee to her liking before tasting the brew.
She eased into the chair by the window and took a sip. “Are you ready for Ava to have her house finished?” She stared up at him with expectant eyes.
“More than ready.” He finished off his second doughnut and fished his hand in the bag for another.
“You know, that girl ain’t going nowhere.” Her eyes danced with mischief.
“I didn’t say she was.” Damon forced the bit of doughnut down his throat and shifted his weight. He might be mated to the love of his life, but his past of being abandoned rose up in his mind.
“She’s she best thing that ever happened to me.” He sat the coffee down and walked over to the window.
“Don’t give her all the credit, son.” Granny stood and patted him on the back. “She’s lucky to have you, Damon. I hope you know that. You should know that you are the best thing that happened to her too.” She made her way over to the door.
“Granny.” Damon turned to face the woman who’d raised him for the better part of his life. They might not be blood related, but their bond went much deeper, and she was very much his family.
“I think I’m lucky for all the women in my life.” He gave her a respectful nod.
Her weathered face broke out into a wide grin. “I think you’re right.” She nodded toward the panty-clad lampshade. “You know, if you ordered some of my edible underwear, there would be no evidence of Ava’s drawers hanging all over the place.”

Darkside of the Moon (Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves #4) by Jodi VaughnAs a high ranking Guardian in the Arkansas Pack, Zane Steele, doesn’t have time for nonsense. He lives a life of control and discipline. But during a drug takedown of a rogue pack, Zane is injected with something and he no longer can control when he shifts. Vulnerable to outing his species to humans he has nowhere left to turn.

With no other option, he cuts communication from his Pack Master and flees to try to find a cure before he can face retribution for breaking the Pack Law.

Werewolf Skylar Wade looks to the future and refuses to focus on her demon laden past. She’s built her own construction company in hopes to one day have enough money to renovate an abandoned building as a safe home for runaway girls who need protecting. As a child she knew the horror of abuse and has made it her life to help other females like herself. But when she finds Zane naked and hiding out at one of her construction sites she is forced to face the memories of her childhood.

Brought together under devastating circumstances, they realize they need each other’s help to face what lies ahead. Can they trust each other to disobey the Pack Law and risk their own lives? Or will the retribution be so severe that it’s each wolf for themselves?

Find out more about Jodi’s Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves series on GoodReads here. If you haven’t read it yet, check out the first book, By the Light of the Moon (GT affiliate link).

About the author

Author Jodi VaughnJodi is the author of the RISE OF THE ARKANSAS WEREWOLVES series and writes paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance. Born and raised in Mississippi, her deep Southern roots and love of the paranormal led her to write Southern Paranormal novels. When she is not conversing with characters in her head, she can be found at her home in Northeast Arkansas with her handsome husband, brilliant son, a temperamental swan, and yellow lab that is fond of retrieving turtles when duck season is over.

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Jodi is giving away one e-copy of DESIRES OF A FULL MOON, from her Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves series, to one lucky commenter on today’s post! Fill out the prize widget below to enter.

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