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Indie-Pendence Week Giveaway (US/Int): All good things… end with prizes!

Indie-Pendence Week Giveaway (US/Int): All good things… end with prizes!

by davincikittieJuly 7, 2012

What a fantastic week this has been!!   When I was originally brainstorming the idea for this event with Buffy and Kari, we weren’t sure we were going to have a lot of participation, but we were excited about the idea and decided to go through with it because we all really support Indie authors and wanted to help create positive momentum for self-pub and small presses.  The participation level, from blogs in the hop to readers commenting to guest authors lending us their time and brainz, has just been tremendous and I’m so glad you’ve all enjoyed the event so much.

First of all, THANK YOU to all the GraveTells followers who regularly stalk us.  We <3 you and look forward to seeing you every day.  I know this event was not 100% for you as readers, so I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm.  To all of our new followers, welcome welcome welcome!  Poke around the site (I know, it needs some updating… I’ll get to that, er, sometime…) and let us know if you want to see a particular book reviewed or want to see a specific author do a guest spot.  You can send suggestions like that to me directly via the Contact Us page on the top nagivation bar.

To all the authors, traditionally published and Indie, who have turned out to comment and check out the guest posts, I hope you came away from this with more enthusiasm, positivity, and momentum for your own personal craft.  Hold yourselves to a higher standard, give your work the freedom of your creativity and the discipline of your red pen, and don’t be afraid to put yourselves out there.  Rejections suck, but they’re part of the business, so just keep on keepin’ on until your fan base blossoms!  Never. Stop. Growing.

And finally, to the authors who dedicated their time, energy, and skills to making this event such an overwhelming fount of knowledge, I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough.  Ilona Andrews, Thomas Winship, Felicity Heaton, and Rachel Firasek, you freaking rock the house! You’re certainly rocking the Indie publishing scene, and your advice this week has been invaluable.  *mwuah* Kisses and hugs to you all (except Tom, who might have a wife who would disapprove of such activities, so I’ll just blow a kiss your way and keep this nice long distance *grin*)!

Okay DVK, who are the frakking winners already?

(That one’s for you, Tom. You and Starbuck…)

Fine, fine, without further ado, here are the winners of the prizes for Indie-Pendence Week…

  • $10 Amazon Gift Card: Sophia Rose
  • Swag pack #1: Jessica (frellathon)
  • Swag pack #2: Mel Bourn
  • Swag pack #3: Suz Reads
  • Swag pack #4: Shannon G. (baz1)

Congratulations to everyone who won, and thank you so much to all of our awesome followers for participating!!  <3

If you missed this week’s events…

Here’s the schedule one more time:



Until next year!

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