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His Royal Favorite (His Royal Secret #2) by Lilah Pace #BookReview

His Royal Favorite (His Royal Secret #2) by Lilah Pace #BookReview

by davincikittieAugust 3, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

His Royal Favorite by Lilah pace is the second half of the story started in His Royal Secret, and you should absolutely not read this as a standalone. The events in His Royal Favorite follow the first book immediately and there’s very little catch up, so readers starting at book two will find themselves very confused. Where His Royal Secret was a little awkward and uncomfortable, the characters not yet committed to loving one another, His Royal Favorite is all about the feels, freedom and choice. These two books comprise a story that takes the reader on a journey, a modern day fairy tale flowing through the dance of courtship and commitment between a committed royal and a man who once thought his freedom defined his very essence.

This is a story about love and hope and embracing who you are, even when that means sitting down to tea with everything that frightens and intimidates you. Where I found His Royal Secret a little stuffy and uncomfortable, His Royal Favorite brings Ben and James full circle, from lovers to friends to forever and is charmingly memorable.

This story is also quite different from what a have seen from Lilah Pace to date. Her Asking For It books focus on a far darker subject—a couple playing out consensual pretend rape fantasies and the psychology and personal history that feeds those needs. The His Royal Secret set chronicles the Prince of Wales’s relationship with another man and the choices the couple makes to come out together and defend his line of succession. Where the Asking For It series is set in Austin, TX and is believably American, the His Royal Secret duology is quintessentially British. These stories revolve more around the men’s emotional relationship than their explicit sexual one.

This is a recommended read for anyone who loves gay romance and is fascinated by the inner workings of the British monarchy. Just what would happen if the future king of England and the Commonwealth came out as gay?

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