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Guest Post: Jessica Gibson, author of Marked, on playing dress up with words

Guest Post: Jessica Gibson, author of Marked, on playing dress up with words

by davincikittieDecember 10, 2011

Please help me welcome Jessica Gibson, author of Marked, to GraveTells today!

Be sure to read the excerpt below for a peek at Marked…

I chose witches and immortals to be the subject of my first book. It was a surprisingly hard decision for me, my love of all things vampire made it a hard choice. In the end I went with witches instead of vampires because I wanted something fresh. Not to say that I won’t ever write about vampires in the future. With witches, I’m able to play around with what specific powers they will have, or even special abilities. Writing for me is almost like playing dress up, but with words instead of clothes. I get to choose what each character looks like, and what they will be like, it’s the ultimate game of pretend.

My main character Jilly is very ratable, I wanted every woman who read the book to either be her, or have a friend like her. She’s strong and independent, but she’s not afraid to ask for help when she needs to. William, my male lead, I wanted to be every woman’s fantasy. He’s totally hot, but smart and caring to go along with the pretty face. I also added in a few strong supporting characters who help my heroine along the way. Basically I just wanted a fun easy book that the reader could just lose themselves in, and I’m hoping I accomplished it.

What are some things you as readers enjoy the most about paranormal books? Also, which would you rather be, a witch, or a vampire?

About the author

From a young age, I have always been lost in the fantasy world. I was hooked the second I watched The Wizard of Oz, and I’ve never looked back. Something about magic, and mysticism has always been intriguing to me. It’s like stepping into another world, where everything is possible. I love reading for what it is, a chance to get lost in a world that’s brand new. No matter what my life is like, or how hectic it is, reading always makes it better. When I was about 12, I discovered the world of vampires through the amazingly talented Anne Rice. I burned through the first few books in that series and never looked back. The idea of being immortal is intriguing, to see life pass by and be able to shape the future. When I decided to finally get off my butt and write, I knew thatit would be something in the realm of the supernatural.

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“Do you know who I am Jilly?” he asked her with a force that didn’t seem like it should apply to a normal conversation.

“I thought I did, but then I had a dream about you the night we met. What I saw, or I guess what I was shown is a little bit odd.” Jilly said with trepidation. “ Do you know what I saw?” she asked him, her eyes shining in the moonlight.

“Here, come over and sit with me” he said as he led her over to a small bench off in the corner of the courtyard. “Yes, I know what you saw, because I was there, and I was also shown the same memory. I have been alive since 1625, I was born like any other normal child, but I was not normal by any means. I discovered soon after I turned five that I could not die, there was an accident, any normal person would have perished. I’m not at all sure why that is, but I’ve been searching for answers for hundreds of years. I want to tell you Jilly, when I saw your face in the salon, I thought I was seeing a ghost. You look so much like her you know, Liza. You could be her twin.

I loved her as much as any person could love another, I thought I had found my soul mate, but a life together was not in the cards for us. Her father forbid me to see her, he would never give me a reason, but I think it was fear. There were things that happened all those years ago, things beyond my control. I think he blamed me. He feared that I only wanted to control her, that I wanted her for her power, but he didn’t know that I have power of my own. I left Boston; I couldn’t stay and watch the woman I loved be forced to marry another.

I traveled by boat to England, and I stayed in Europe for two hundred years. I built a life for myself there, although I would have to fake my own death every twenty years or so and assume the identity of some long lost relative coming to claim my inheritance a few years later. I found that there are others like me, the truly immortal, we call ourselves timewalkers. We walk the earth as lonely travelers who bear witness to all that humanity has unleashed on this world.” he stopped talking and stared out into the night for a few minutes.

“ So why do I feel a connection with you? Its like an electric current is connecting us, I feel it now, even though we’re sitting so far apart.” she said as she scooted further away.

“I’m not sure, but I would say that it has more to do with you then with me, you have power that I’ve never seen in another person before, his eyes took on an odd sheen. Its almost like the blood in your veins is pure electricity. What do you feel when I touch you?” he asked excitedly as he grabbed her hand. Jilly felt a strange tightening in the pit of her stomach.

“I feel like I’ve been, shocked at first, but then its almost as if I can feel the hum of your blood in my fingers. It’s a weird sensation; I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, or you for that matter. I know that we need to talk more, I want to know what it is that is between us, but I’m on information overload right now. I need to process all that you’ve told me tonight, can we meet again soon? Maybe tomorrow night? Do you know where I live? Of course you do, how stupid of me.” Jilly said with a small laugh.

“Yes, I do know where you live, I’ve been there many times, although I must say, I’m interested to see what sort of modern touches the subsequent generations of your family have put on the house. What time should I be over?”

“Um, maybe sixish? I have a client coming over around four, so I should be done by then, does that work for you?” she asked as she was pulling herself off the bench.

“Yes, I shall see you tomorrow evening. Oh and Jilly, you really shouldn’t be in the habit of meeting strange people at night. I could have been a strangler for all you knew.” he said with a hint of reproach in his voice.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about me William, it’s the strangler who should be worried.” Jilly said, a viscous gleam in her eyes while she vigorously rubbed her palms together until they glowed brightly in the moonlight. “ Care to shake my hand Mr. strangler?” she asked with a laugh as she stuck her hand out to him.

“ Ok, I’m game, lets see what you’ve got up your sleeve” he said as he grabbed her hand. Almost instantly he was on the floor writhing in pain. “ Well, I will say that tonight I’m glad that I cannot die, that sure packs a punch, I think I could feel my heart stop for a second” he said as he was propping himself up into a sitting position and rubbing his hand.

“ Yeah, I figured I’d give you a real show tonight” she said as she walked away.

He watched her go, still sitting on the ground and said “until tomorrow then” almost under his breath.

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