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#GTRCA13: VOTE HERE for your 2013 Romance favorites!

#GTRCA13: VOTE HERE for your 2013 Romance favorites!

by davincikittieDecember 15, 2013

#GTRCA13 GraveTells Readers Choice Awards 2013

Let the voting begin!

A few quick notes before you get started…

  • In many categories, you can vote for more than one nominee!
  • You’ll only be able to submit your vote(s) for each category once during the entire event, so be sure you’ve made your choices carefully!
  • Voting ends at 8pm Pacific time on Thursday, December 19th.
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday, December 22nd here on


#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Outstanding New Series
[poll id=”57″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Outstanding Series
[poll id=”58″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Original Story Universe[poll id=”59″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Memorable Book[poll id=”60″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Favorite Novella or Short Story[poll id=”61″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Sexiest Story[poll id=”62″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Tattered Pages[poll id=”63″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Sugar Shock[poll id=”64″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Comfort Food[poll id=”65″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Naughty Indulgence[poll id=”66″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Swoon-Worthy Rock Star[poll id=”67″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Charming Cowboy[poll id=”68″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Badass Man In Uniform[poll id=”69″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Alluring Angel[poll id=”70″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Sexiest Witch[poll id=”71″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Sensual Vampire[poll id=”72″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Sexiest Shifter[poll id=”73″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Steamiest Kiss[poll id=”74″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Hottest Couple[poll id=”75″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Favorite Same-Sex Couple[poll id=”76″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Engaging Author[poll id=”77″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Promising New Author[poll id=”78″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Favorite Author[poll id=”79″]

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Favorite Publisher[poll id=”80″]

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