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Goodbye boring email, hellooooo pret-ty! *oooh aaaah* #SubscriberUpdate

Goodbye boring email, hellooooo pret-ty! *oooh aaaah* #SubscriberUpdate

by davincikittieApril 1, 2016

GraveTells emails just got a major facelift, woo!

Whether you’ve been a subscriber for five years (if so, OMG I <3 u so hard!!) or have just joined the gang, you’ll notice a substantial difference in your GraveTells daily subscriber emails starting either today or tomorrow. Some of you randomly get to be my unwitting test monkeys, so thanks in advance for that. *grin*

Here’s what you need to know!

I want you to keep receiving GT emails and *fingers crossed* you want to keep seeing GT during your morning inbox check. So here’s a very quick and easy to-do list to make sure you don’t miss a word! And, major bonus, this new format also means that you can customize your email preferences to a very high degree, so you’ll ultimately receive only exactly the things that interest you. How cool is that? Okay, on to the details.

Find the new email in your inbox

Why do I mention this step? Well, if you use Gmail (or most any other modern email platform), your inbox probably auto-sorts your mail into the piles it thinks you care most about. If you don’t see the GraveTells email in its normal spot, two things may have happened:

  1. Your email program thinks I’m a spammer and has relegated your awesome GT update to the dreaded SPAM folder.
  2. Your email program auto-sorted your fabulous GT romance update into one of the secondary tabs.

Here’s how to beat the two monsters above!

  1. Add this email address (remove the spaces first!) to your SPAM filter exceptions list: davincikittie @ gravetells . com
  2. Find the GT email (it’s probably in the Promotions tab if you have the tabbed version of Gmail), check the box beside it, and DRAG IT to the “Primary” tab of your inbox (if it’s already in the Primary tab: awesome, skip this step!). You can also set up fancy labels that will auto-filter it into specific labels for easy finding later.

Update your shiny new Subscription Preferences page

Find the link in your new email (the one with the pretty pictures) at the verrrry bottom that says “update your preferences” and click it.


Clicking that link should take you to a page that looks like this (I may update the form, so don’t worry if it looks a little different. Just be sure it says GraveTells somewhere on it 🙂 ):



Next, fill in the essential info! This will ensure you keep receiving only the content you actually care about. I’ve notated what I recommend for the “MUST DO” fields below.


You can choose multiple answers for most of this form, so don’t be shy about being honest. =)

  • “Send me emails about…”
    • If you only check the “giveaways” box, you won’t receive ANY other email from GraveTells, including exclusive author interviews, early reviews of hot new books, and news about the romance industry. And wouldn’t that be a shame? I recommend just checking all three under “Send me emails about…” to be sure your subscription emails remain exactly as they were before.
  • “Send me email updates…”
    • I recommend the first option here (which is, essentially as frequent as “daily” depending on the GT post schedule). Weekly or Monthly is also fine, you just may miss out on some time-sensitive giveaways. For those subscriptions, you’ll only get recap emails.
  • All of the other questions help me know what sorts of romance books you truly care about. For now, these don’t alter what you receive in any way. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when I start sending mail based on these selections. <3

Your lovely new subscription emails

Here’s the new hotness!


Vs the boring old Feedburner version…


See? Wasn’t it worth the update? <3

Questions? Comments? Let’s chat below!!

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