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Frog Hog: Valen & Hutch (Frog Hog #1) by Rachel Robinson #BookReview

Frog Hog: Valen & Hutch (Frog Hog #1) by Rachel Robinson #BookReview

by davincikittieMay 23, 2017

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Valen has an addiction, and she’s serious about it. She only dates Navy SEALs. Although, maybe “date” is too bland a term. After years of “hogging”, this lady is finally playing for keeps.

A SEAL has, in one pinky finger, enough testosterone to populate the planet three times over. Along with loaded AK’s they have loaded dicks. I have a theory that they should spray their seed like a rapid-fire weapon at any fertile woman. There would be more good in the world that way.

I loved Hutch. His intensity, his confidence, his careful choices. This SEAL is looking for a forever missus, and he has zero interest in a one night stand, no matter how dirty, kinky, or freaky it may promise to get.

“You know, they told me about Frog Hogs when I was going through BUD/ s. At first it’s hard to believe anyone would seek out men like us. Men who leave more than they’re home. Have you ever dated one? More than a night,” he says, amending his question.

The scene where Valen first notices Hutch is memorable. He’s straight up about what he wants and he doesn’t spare her feelings in talking about who she is (she’s slept with—and turned down—some of his buddies). He’s also not afraid to tell her why he wants the life of commitment, and it’s not what you might expect.

“I know what I want. I see brothers die on a regular basis. I see the aftermath— the remnants of their families. The emphasis on life holds a different meaning for me. I don’t waste time,” he explains. His admission chills me to the bone and forces awareness to a fact I haven’t even considered yet. The volatility of his life. The chilling thought causes a full body shudder.

I love Rachel Robinson’s writing. She pulls on emotional strings I’m never expecting, and her characters are always bigger than life. Her romances celebrate love with a ballsy, sex-positive attitude. It’s freeing and a little disconcerting.

Frog Hog revels in witty, snappy banter and straight-up raw sex. It’s a quick read, unputdownable from there’s-a-frogman-i-wanna-bag to i-can’t-live-without-his-dirty-lovin’. I’m looking forward to more sexy, flirty, punchy stories in this Frog Hog series.

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Frog Hog is recommended for readers who like…

  • Navy SEAL heroes
  • heroines with spirit and confidence
  • contemporary erotic romances
  • novellas or quickie reads

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Frog Hog: Valen & Hutch (Frog Hog #1) by Rachel Robinson #BookReviewMy star rating: four-half-stars
Frog Hog: Valen and Hutch by Rachel Robinson
Published by Self-published or LLC on May 16, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Military, Erotic romance
Source: Publisher
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From the International Bestselling Author of Navy SEAL Romance novels, comes something a little more farcical, humorous, a ROMANTIC COMEDY INJECTED WITH ALPHA. This is a novella length, standalone story, intended for readers 18+ due to graphic language and explicit sexual encounters. Readers, please enter the hog lair with caution.

/Frôg • hôg/ 1. A woman who only dates SEALs

The first time I did it, I labeled it novelty. The second, I was ovulating and extremely horny, the third time was because I’d had two martinis and he had fourteen abs. Fourteen. You don’t say no to that.

My name is Valen, and I’m addicted to SEALs. Bag them, tag them, on to the next. One ships out, the next ships in. It has become a hobby, a recreational sport, if you will. Their skills inside the bedroom are comparable to their notoriety on the battlefield. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with their trigger finger. I could be wrong, so don’t quote me on that.

From the moment I met the infamous SEAL they call, Hutch, my game begins faltering. He wants more than one night, and while I wouldn’t mind a double dip, falling for this lethally good-looking frog would be bad for my health. Counting abs turns into counting dates, and dates turn into something else entirely. Forever.

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