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Early Book Review: A Marine Affair (Always A Marine #13) by Heather Long

Early Book Review: A Marine Affair (Always A Marine #13) by Heather Long

by davincikittieJune 2, 2013

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Eli and Rick have been quietly dating for years, long before ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was repealed, but they’ve been separated for the last year while Eli was deployed in Africa.  Having parted on not-so-great terms, with Rick pushing to make their relationship public now that their careers wouldn’t be in danger, our boys have a lot of emotional baggage to process, especially since Eli hasn’t even told his family he’s gay.

I really enjoyed the reverse power exchange between them.  Even though Eli is technically the higher ranking of the two men, and is a professional badass, Rick has a slight dominance in the relationship.  There’s no kink here, just two long-time lovers who are also best friends.  I also liked that, unlike some of the other stories in the series, which were written in the happily-for-now 1Night Stand format, this story has a happily ever after.

Both characters are strong, both emotionally and physically, with solid morals and family bases.  They’re old enough to know what they want and be willing to fight for it, and their long history together gives the story more depth and than is typical in a story of this shorter length.  The sex scenes are steamy, but not vulgar, and help enrich the connection between the two men.

Memorable Quotes

Who says you can’t be both badass and sweet?

“It just blows me away sometimes how sweet you are.”
He frowned. “Shh, I’m not sweet. I’m a badass. We’ve had this discussion.”
“Of course you are—and you look adorable with a baby in your arms.”

Friends, lovers… nobody gets a pass on rooting for the wrong team!

“You’re the only guy I know who can get me to indulge bad habits and shut up my internal doctor. You’re the only guy I know who I like just hanging out with—even if you watch the wrong teams.”

Caveman sounds like a good plan to me…

Rick dragged his teeth against Eli’s lower lip and they broke apart, panting.
His cock swelled, straining behind the confines of his zipper. He wanted to say screw it and just fireman-carry Rick inside and fuck until they couldn’t walk. Sex was the one thing they always got right.
Rick smiled. “I can almost hear the caveman going through your head right now.”


“Elijah.” Rick never used his full name.
“Oh, say it like you mean it.” He kissed him, taking over from Rick’s lead. He wanted to be together more than he wanted to talk about old wounds or bad injuries. It happened. He’d healed. They could move on.

If you liked…

If you enjoy gay military romances and haven’t yet made your way through Ms. Long’s impressive collection of Always A Marine stories, check out A Marine and a Gentleman, a 1Night Stand story about two friends finally able to connect after denying their feelings for years.  You may also like Hot Head by Damon Suede.  The heroes are long-time best friends and NYPD firemen who braved their way through the World Trade Center attack.  Their relationship develops over time and is often tumultuous and gruff, but is brassy and full of testosterone and totally worth the journey.

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