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Decadent Deviant December Review: Love Kinection by Jennifer James

Decadent Deviant December Review: Love Kinection by Jennifer James

by davincikittieDecember 11, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Valentine’s Day sucks. Especially if your fiancee left you at the alter this very day last year and took your sister on your honeymoon instead. Our girl Abby has an understandable aversion to hot men, no matter how geeky and sweet and sincere they might seem. Tom, the ex-military office IT guru and geek-extraordinaire, thinks he and Abby might just bond over their Tardis mugs, but he’ll have to get under that prickly skin of hers first, and imagine all the fun he’ll have getting there. A humorous, light-hearted contemporary romance that will have geek girls everywhere swooning all over their Kindles, Love Kinection is a recommended read!

  • Title: Love Kinection
  • Series: n/a
  • Author: Jennifer James
  • Prominent Characters: Tom, Abby
  • Recommended Reader Age: 16+
  • Genre(s): contemporary romance
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate-to-high

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


I Iike so many things about this book, including but not limited to geek humor, a tall, dark & sexy man who isn’t overplayed, a cheating ex who gets his just desserts, a heroine who is likable and imperfect, and an ending that doesn’t follow the typical fight-and-make-up protocol, that it’s hard to decide what I find MOST charming about it.

The myriad of nerdy references in Love Kinection span nearly every facet of geekery you can imagine… Dr. Who, Star Wars, Joss Whedon, Battlestar Galactica, The Princess Bride, Jensen Ackles & campy horror, D&D, Xbox, Atari, and the list goes on! You can’t throw a stick at this story without hitting some sort of pop culture quip. In fact, its *almost* too much. In order to get ALL the references, you would need to be a nerdy supergeek, King of the Nubbies (normal “trendy” geeks that are so much a part of the “mobile” generation); I don’t think I know anyone who has such an encyclopedic interest in all things scifi and cult classic that they’d be able to catch every Easter egg (and I’m a proud, card-carrying geek chic!). Even so, it’s entertaining and incredibly, delightfully quotable (seriously, I was highlighting quotes on every other page at least, some pages multiple quotes!), a smart read for people not afraid to let their geek flag fly high and proud.

Tom is one of those sexy men who is “alpha” but not controlling, muscled but not ripped, smart but not vain. His character is smooth and instantly likeable. Abby is a firecracker who has been badly betrayed and resultingly now embraces a low self-image. She’s quirky and direct and isn’t afraid to admit when she doesn’t know something.

Memorable Quotes

Raise your hand if you want to tattoo this across your forehead… or perma-record it onto your voicemail!

Black lettering with the words Don’t ask me to fix your computer. The computer’s fine. You’re the problem. was printed across the front.

That Tom, such a flirt…

“Can I do a poem with the zombie phrase magnets?”

The basis for a promising geek relationship: the debate over which Doctor was best…

I scribbled my address on a Post-It and passed it to him. Tingles raced up my arm when our fingers touched. “Which Doctor?” he asked with a gesture to my sonic screwdriver pen.

“Oh, number ten. I’ve got a thing for David Tennant.” As soon as the comment slipped out, I wanted to slap myself in the forehead. What was my problem? I stuck the pen in my center drawer and closed it harder than I needed to.

“Christopher Eccleston was more my speed. Well, I guess I’m lucky you didn’t use the end with the special ink. The battery in mine’s dead so I don’t have a UV light to see it with anymore.”

“Eccleston? Really? Why? He was sorta…goofy.”

“Exactly. See you around six-thirty.”

Long live Bowser… er, I mean, Mario!

“Come out, Abby. Play video games with me.”

Video games? I didn’t have a clue what he meant. The last time I’d played a video game it involved tiny plumbers, turtles, mushrooms, and a princess trapped by an ugly dinosaur monster. The princess stayed with the monster.

A girl after my own heart…

We played video games for hours. I finally understood how people got addicted to them. My favorite? Plants Versus Zombies. Basically you made barriers with all these plants to kill zombies. There were catapults and other weapons, but at its heart Plants Versus Zombies is a problem solving game.

Bonus points for mentioning the worst video game ever made…

“You know, Abby, you might be the only person on the planet who would’ve enjoyed Atari’s E.T. game.”

Do they have Ben & Jerry’s on Tatooine?

“Cherry Garcia, Chubby Hubby, or Mint Chocolate Cookie?” I knew what I wanted, but I thought I should give him a choice. Be a nice hostess.

“What?” A wrinkle appeared in his brow.

“Those are your choices.”

“I’ve never heard of them.”

I pulled all three pints out of the freezer and stared at him. He leaned one shoulder against the wall in the doorway between the kitchen and living room.

We’d done nothing but play games all evening and my hormones did a happy dance every time I looked at him. “Seriously? What planet are you from?”


Final Thoughts:

Ms. James’s debut story is sassy, sweet, modern, and more fun than a dinner table full of hobbit-sized dwarves. This is an author ready to burst onto the romantisphere; keep your eye on this one, folks, cuz she’s got the chops to be the next big bad… in a good way! /grin

Second star to the right and straight on til morning, Ms. James; your journey has just begun and I can’t wait to hitch a ride along with all the wacky, unique voices in your head. Engage!

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Rating: Love Kinection


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