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Book Review: The Truth About Riley by Henrietta Clarke

Book Review: The Truth About Riley by Henrietta Clarke

by davincikittieSeptember 6, 2014

Without spoiling how the plot ultimately plays out, I wanted to mention that while I found the story to be enjoyable overall, there were things about it that bothered me. First, the guys are both “born and bred New Yorkers” but many of their speech cadences and word choices sounded suspiciously British. The dialogue also felt a little stiff and forced in places, as if the author had trouble really bringing Riley to life. Cam, on the other hand, was much more relatable and his personality felt more balanced and better communicated.

The story is quite unique and I really loved how Ms. Clarke stretched out the plot and developed everything in its own time without rushing. That same thing was also one of my least favorite things about it. I wanted more face time with them together and less phone convos. Everything really started to come alive in the second half of the book, especially the emotional arc. Some parts were heart-breakingly tender and vulnerable, leaving me literally rubbing the area above my own heart to soothe the ache. The ending was beautiful and well done, if a little abrupt.

Overall a sweet, solid m/m romance read with a little heat to spice it up, The Truth About Riley is a recommended read for fans of contemporary gay romance. And hopefully, the follow up book will be out sometime this year as expected; these characters are just getting started!

If you enjoy this sort of gay romance – stories focusing on how the relationship between the characters develops rather than some epic struggle against external challenges – you may also enjoy Making It Personal by K.C. Wells and He Completes Me by Cardeno C.  Happy reading!

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