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Book Review: Definitely, Maybe In Love by Ophelia London

Book Review: Definitely, Maybe In Love by Ophelia London

by davincikittieNovember 10, 2013

Definitely, Maybe in LoveDefinitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia London
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This book evolves as the pages turn. From rich boy neighbors and college tests and parties to that first complicated dance when you’re falling in love with a stranger to the closeness two people share when they just fit. Add in a healthy dose of bad timing and closely guarded secrets and you’ve got a slowly simmering love story with a heroine and hero who have grown from people I could almost sorta identify with to unconventionally charming and admiringly vulnerable characters I wanted to see push through all their struggles and find happiness together.

This story is alternately amusing and frustrating as hell. The incrediblely pervasive meanness of Lilah gets old quickly and the continually interrupted important conversions, where if they’d only had five more seconds would have saved a lot of heartache, passed the realm of annoying and strolled right into irritatingly predictable. That said, this is a new adult novel and angst comes with the territory. The book would have been half as long without Lilah’s meddling or Spring’s simmering temper.

Spring is a likeable main character although sometimes immature and selfish, which is appropriate considering her relatively young age and the setting of the book (college). She has a great sense of humor, is a faithful and loyal friend, and has the drive and determination to go after what she wants and feels is right. Spring has a core of inner strength and empathy that makes it easy to relate to her despite some of the unfortunate decisions she makes. Henry is a complex hero, initially standoffish and judgemental then making a complete turnaround to reveal his charitable side and tender, vulnerable heart. These two are definitely communication-challenged! There is a shiny thread of attraction between them but zero bedroom action beyond a little innocent kissing, so if you’re looking for smut, go into this book knowing that Definitely, Maybe In Love is more story than heat. A recommended read for fans of the new adult genre!

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