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Book Review: Bad Idea by Damon Suede

Book Review: Bad Idea by Damon Suede

by davincikittieNovember 18, 2013

Bad IdeaBad Idea by Damon Suede
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. That’s what I was feeling as I read the emotional conclusion to Bad Idea. After a string of on-again off-again pacing issues, mostly losing my attention in the little life details not pertaining to the guys’ relationship with each other, out grows this incredible story of dedication and need and completeness. All the pieces came together at once and I suddenly found I hadn’t had enough after all.

This book is comic nerd heaven. I consider myself geeky and nerdy, but most of the references, from classic horror to campy theater to obscure tv and print comics, flew totally over my head. Even so, every character took on a life all its own, not a cookie cutter in sight. The personalities reminded me a lot of New York itself: bigger than life and just about as unapologetic and unpredictable.

Oh and I adore the clever character names! Trip Spector, a talented and withdrawn comic artist who stumbles through and practically haunts his own life, and Silas Goolsby, a vivacious, outgoing special FX makeup pro who makes monsters for a living. Well played, Mr. Suede! The devil is definitely in the details! *grin*

Hot Head is currently the only other Damon Suede work I’ve read and Bad Idea had a distinctively different feel. Where Hot Head focuses on two men who share a close friendship and decade of history (not to mention their prevalent anti-gay work atmosphere), we get to see all of Silas and Trip’s story, from sweet, geeky start to crazy-emotional happily ever after. Something I was glad to see this story share with Hot Head, however, is Damon’s distinctive ‘guy’ voice. He doesn’t pretty up the language, neither from a male perspective nor from a New Yorker’s, so everything feels authentic even when the lingo may be a little difficult to follow.

Final thoughts? If you like contemporary male/male romance and want to follow the whole crazy experience from a realistic guy’s perspective, friends and work and social tangents and all, Bad Idea is for you. You have been Judged!

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