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Bloggy Awards 2012: Have you had a chance to vote for your faves yet?

Bloggy Awards 2012: Have you had a chance to vote for your faves yet?

by davincikittieAugust 29, 2012

Voting for some categories is nearly over!

GraveTells was nominated for 19 different honors and reviews across 13 award categories in the Bloggy Awards recently, and we were incredibly flattered by all the support.  You guys rock!

Voting has now begun and so far GT isn’t leading in any of the categories we’re nominated for.  Doh!  I know you guys have tons going on (oh how I can identify with that just now! hah), but if you haven’t had a chance to stop by the Bloggy Awards voting pages and vote, please consider sending GraveTells some vote love!  If you already have voted for GT, and to those who are actively promoting our links, THANK YOU!!! Here is the link to our post with all the categories listed with easy link-outs to the vote pages, as well as the giveaway we’re currently sponsoring to help promote the contest. Please note that this giveaway is NOT a bribe to vote for us – we want you to vote for whomever you feel is most deserving – it’s just to help publicize our participation.  😉 If you only have time to vote in a few categories, these are the ones that are nearest and dearest to us (and some of them are ending soon)… [heartlist]

  • Most Helpful – VOTE HERE! (voting ends Sunday 9/2)
  • Most Influential – VOTE HERE (voting ends Sunday 9/2)
  • Best Group Blog – VOTE HERE (voting ends Monday 9/3)
  • Best Reviews – VOTE HERE (voting ends Tuesday 9/4)

[/heartlist] The voting for Best Review for a Paranormal Book also went live and, since that’s pretty much our whole reason for existing, if you liked any of the following reviews from us, head on over and vote for one of them too!  =) [starlist]

[/starlist] Please feel free to tweet, pin, facebook, or blog about the contest as a whole, or our part in it.  This is a great event sponsored by 4 creative and enterprising bloggers, and it’s bringing a lot of positive momentum to the blogosphere, so any love is good love!  =)

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