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Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond #8) by Kit Rocha #BookReview

Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond #8) by Kit Rocha #BookReview

by davincikittieJune 15, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Beyond Ecstasy brings readers one step closer to the inevitable war that is coming: the war charging right toward the sectors, to Eden, to every soul who has suffered through the endless blackouts and rising tensions.

The corner of Shipp’s mouth tilted up. “You’re all-in on the O’Kane shit these days, you and Finn. Brotherhood, booze, and cute little redheads.”

Hawk found Jeni in the crowd again. Her hair was half up, pulled away from her face to cascade down her back in soft waves. Her endless variations fascinated him almost as much as the way she could disappear behind wigs and makeup. He’d learned to hide his expressions behind a single blank mask, but Jeni had a hundred of them, and the truth of her was in all the precious, rare places where they all overlapped.

Hawk has been circling Jeni for a while, and she really never knew—at least not the level of intensity he craved her with. Since Hawk burst onto the O’Kane scene in his dramatic rescue of Finn and Trix in Beyond Addiction, his want for Jeni has been an all-consuming fire. Even worse, Hawk doesn’t share and the O’Kanes don’t do jealousy, so watching her belong to the king and queen of Sector Four kept her firmly out of his reach. Until now. And Jeni is exposing all those delicious dark secrets this bad boy farmer has hidden down deep.

In Sector Four, folks melted out of his path. It only took one glance at the O’Kane ink on his wrists to clear the way. Here, the crowd contracted. People were eager to see him, to ask questions about the world beyond the farm, about the O’Kanes, about him. It was a welcome that warmed his heart and tried his patience at the same time.

Jeni has been through a lot, done whatever it took to survive until she landed with the O’Kanes. And belonging to Dallas and Lex, as rewarding as it was, didn’t fill those deep submissive yearnings the way she needed. Jeni finds a surprisingly perfect match in Hawk, and their scenes are red hot!

Hawk knew in his bones that she’d take him all the way down to his darkest, basest desires, and she’d love every minute of it.

Lord help him, so would he.

There was one small thing that bugged me about this story, and that was Ace’s attitude about Hawk and Jeni’s relationship. I won’t go into any detail so as not to accidentally spoil anything, but as I read Ace’s behavior, I wondered if maybe I’d missed some brewing tension between the men somewhere earlier in the series? Or if perhaps this is just Ace being protective of Jeni? I didn’t think how he acted was out of line—it was fairly well justified given the circumstances—just felt like it came out of nowhere.

The sector leaders, even Dallas O’Kane himself—they didn’t pose the biggest danger to the city.

No, Eden’s real enemy was possibility.

Beyond Ecstasy is the second to last book in the Beyond series, and it heats up at exactly the right pace. Kit Rocha writes ruthless erotic suspense, and this book is killer good. I cannot even wait to see how it all ends in the final O’Kane installment, Beyond Surrender. Even more exciting is that even when this series ends, we will still get more of Eden and the sectors in the upcoming Gideon’s Riders series. Fans of the series are going to love Beyond Ecstasy, but newbies should definitely not start here! Go way back to Beyond Shame* and see how it all started with Noelle and Jasper.

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