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Are you a romance-loving gamer girl? This is the #podcast for you! Triple #giveaway inside

Are you a romance-loving gamer girl? This is the #podcast for you! Triple #giveaway inside

by davincikittieSeptember 16, 2017

It’s podcast time, yaaasss!!! In Episode 4 of the GraveTells Romance podcast, we’re all about Gamer Girls in Romance!

Join me and romance authors Vivien Jackson and Tamsin Ley as we chat about all things gaming, our favorite gaming romances, how gaming has become such an integral part of our lives, and reminisce about our best (and worst) times in games like World of Warcraft, Munchkin, D&D, and so many others!

GraveTells Romance and Heretic Games have teamed up to celebrate gaming in romantic fiction!

GraveTells is proud to feature our sponsor, Heretic Games, and is excited to give away one copy of Pixel Tactics Deluxe (a $29 value) to one listener of the podcast! To enter to win, listen to the podcast (linked below) and jot down the secret code, then fill in your answer on the prize widget at the bottom of this post. To collect this prize, you MUST come into the store to pick it up, so this giveaway is ideal for locals of the San Francisco Bay area (Heretic is located in San Bruno, CA).

To enter to win Pixel Tactics Deluxe, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Live somewhere near San Bruno, California, USA.
  2. Listen to the podcast! The secret code you need is somewhere inside EPISODE 4, Gamer Girls in Romance. (Scroll down to listen!)
  3. Fill out the giveaway widget below with the correct SECRET CODE from the podcast.
  4. Win! (Or just get some great laughs from listening 🙂 )


Not a San Francisco Bay Area local? YOU CAN STILL WIN!

Authors Tamsin Ley and Vivien Jackson are both giving away the books we chat about on the podcast, and all you need to do to enter to win those is leave a comment on this post. Just like usual. =) Be sure to read to the end of this post (and listen to the podcast!) to see what you can win and what info I need in your comment.

Listen to the podcast

Or you can listen on YouTube here.

The run-down

Not sure this is the podcast for you? Hey, I totally get it. This episode is 90 minutes long, so it’s lengthier than the previous GT Romance podcasts, BUT, it’s a ton of fun, especially for any gamers out there. I can’t provide a full transcription, but here’s a loose topic list to give you an idea of what we chatted about. Don’t forget to check out the recommended books linked below to snag some fan-freaking-tastic gamer romances for your e-reader!

On Episode 4 of the GraveTells Romance podcast, we chat about:

  • World of Warcraft, fire mages vs frost
  • Dungeons & Dragons (and why not to play with “friendly fire” on when Sue is your teammate!)
  • “Meet” Tamsin Ley’s “Rubac” not-merman paladin from WoW’s Cenarian Circle server (screenshot below! Or see him on my Facebook live preview here or on YouTube)
  • Star Wars TOR and all its Jedi (does having so many Jedi kill the game’s atmosphere?)
  • Bioware & romance in their games
  • RL (real life) gaming romances that started in games (Psst! I tell the story of how I met my husband)
  • Second Life (life replacement type game)
  • WoW movie (and the only good things about it)
  • How GraveTells got its name (ever been curious about that? 😉 )
  • SimCity BuildIt – the evils of the global marketplace
  • Mass Effect (and more in-game romance, thanks BioWare!)
  • Cyberpunk – what it is and why you may not have heard of it
  • The Sims franchise (and how you can force creepy romances)
  • Dragon Age
  • Ultima Online (one of my guest authors was killed by town guards for getting naked. Darn those decency laws!)
  • Board games: Escape!, Zombieside, Munchkin (there should totally be an Evil Bunny Munchkin!), Exploding Kittens, Cranium, Gloom (kill your family the fastest!)
  • How games affect kids
  • Connecting friends and family through online games
  • How games become part of your real life
  • Bonds with fellow gamers
  • Women in gaming and how much things have changed
  • The LitRPG genre of fiction
  • The romance of Farscape & bad guys you sorta like
  • And, because it really can’t be said enough: For the Horde!

Meet the guest authors!

About Tamsin Ley

Wine-lover, beer-brewer, foodie, serious gardener, and secret zombie prepper, Tam lives in Alaska with her husband of twenty something years. In the long days of summer you can find her in the great outdoors, but when the long winter nights set in, she'll be at the keyboard creating sexy heroes who don’t know they need a mate - that is, until they meet the woman they can’t resist. Sizzling standalone romances with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. Find her online at or on facebook @tamsinley

The Merman's Kiss can be found at

About Vivien Jackson

Vivien Jackson writes fantastical, futuristic, down-home salacious kissery. After being told at the age of seven that she could not marry Han Solo because he wasn't a real person, she devoted her life to creating worlds where, goldarnit, she could marry anybody she wanted. And she could wield a blaster doing it. A devoted Whovian Browncoat Sindarin Jedi gamer, she has a degree in English, which just means she's read gobs of stuff in that language. When she's super comfortable with you, she might confess those late-night limericks about old Gondor (and where to find them). With her similarly geeky partner, children, and hairy little pets, she lives in Austin, Texas, and watches a lot of football.

You can find her @Vivien_Jackson or on the web at


Recommended gamer books

Lots of recommendations in this section! All of these either feature gamer characters or were chatted about on the podcast. This section contains GraveTells affiliate links.

GraveTells recommends:

Viv & Tam recommend:

Bonus goodies from the podcast

Did you catch my Facebook Live promo?

Meet Rubac!

The Onyxia Wipe Animation (wear headphones!)

Seriously, wear headphones to watch this video. The voiceover man is quite angry with his raid group, and he curses a LOT. It’s entertaining, but probably not work- or small child–appropriate. 🙂


Giveaways (US/Int)

There are THREE separate giveaways on this post! We’re giving away the following prizes, and there are different ways to enter to win, so DON’T SKIP THIS SECTION! =)

  1. Pixel Tactics Deluxe (enter using the prize widget below—don’t forget the secret code from the podcast!)
  2. A signed paperback copy of Wanted & Wired from Vivien Jackson (US only—enter by leaving a comment and tell me you’re in the US!)
  3. An e-book box set of Mates for Monsters from Tamsin Ley (Open worldwide—enter by leaving a comment below)

Prize #1: Pixel Tactics Deluxe (San Francisco Bay Area, California USA)

To enter to win this prize, compliments of Heretic Games, you must be local to the San Bruno area (or willing to travel there in October 2017). You will also need a secret code that I’ll reveal during the podcast. Once you have it, fill out the prize widget below. You do not need to leave a comment to enter to win this prize, but you are welcome to! And you can also enter the other two giveaways by leaving a comment. Good luck!

Prize #2: Signed copy of Wanted & Wired by Vivien Jackson (US only)

Vivien is giving away a signed paperback of Wanted & Wired, the first book in her Tether cyberpunk series, to one listener! Open to US mailing addresses only. To enter to win, leave a comment below and tell me that you’re located in the United States. Comments without the location note won’t be considered for this drawing. DO NOT LEAVE THE SECRET CODE IN YOUR COMMENT! That is only for the game giveaway and only for use in the prize widget.

Want to know more about Wanted & Wired? Read the GraveTells review here (it was our April 2017 Book of the Month!) or check it out on Amazon here:

Already read Wanted & Wired? Pre-order the upcoming second book in the Tether series, Perfect Gravity, here!

Prize #3: Mates for Monsters by Tamsin Ley e-book box set (US/Int)

Tamsin is giving away the three e-books in her box set Mates for Monsters. This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE, so just leave a comment below to enter to win! DO NOT LEAVE THE SECRET CODE IN YOUR COMMENT! That is only for the game giveaway and only for use in the prize widget.

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