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A trans-galactic heat sizzles between Starstruck’s Sloan & Princess Murelle #SciFiRomance #excerpt #giveaway

A trans-galactic heat sizzles between Starstruck’s Sloan & Princess Murelle #SciFiRomance #excerpt #giveaway

by davincikittieApril 27, 2017

My father, the king, has condemned my friend Lestra to death for treason, and I’ve joined with her brother Slaine, the most beautiful male Enestian I’ve ever seen, to save her. Although even being seen with him is forbidden, for Lestra and the promise I made to my brother, I’m willing to take the risk. But time is short, and if we’re caught, we’ll be labeled traitors and executed.

To enlist help for our daring rescue, Slaine leads me into a dark, dangerous underworld where an uprising against the crown is brewing. And if the rebels discover I’m Princess Murelle, even Slaine’s status as a commander and vow to protect me with his life might not save me.

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Every part of my body wanted him, and his eyes sparkled with the same fury they had when he was in my quarters the day before.
My next breath spread a soft shiver through my chest. Slaine would never make the first move—not with me being a princess. It had to be me. With that realization, I inhaled, my heart beating strong and hard. Leaning forward, and under the power of urges I couldn’t control, I kissed him, not feeling like an amateur but letting my desire play out every move. It was natural and smooth, every touch of my fingers upon him an extension of that passion as they gripped, traced, and worked upon his body in a fervor I had only experienced in my dreams.
Every fantasy I’d ever had involving Slaine became real. His lips sealed against mine, his tongue soft and engaging. His hands ran along me, cupping my glutes, sending me into a fit of longing for him as I became weightless in his arms.
I closed my eyes, enjoying the soft sensations of his kisses. His hand slid up my arm and across my back, and I brought my palm to the fabric against his chest, my fingers exploring every plate where they overlapped above the hard muscle underneath his shell.
His kisses became more fervent, and I threw back my head as his lips and tongue trailed down my neck. Lower he went, until his mouth met the top of my exposed breasts. The powder I’d applied hours before was long gone, but mine continued to glow, my ecru breasts in contrast to Slaine’s beige physique as his hands joined his lips to touch me there.

About the author

A native of San Diego, California, I grew up hanging out at the beach, playing sports, and eventually attending San Diego State University where I earned my bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in education. When I’m not nerding out at San Diego Comic-Con or watching Star Wars and The Lord of the Ring’s movies for the umpteenth time, I can be seen doing normal people stuff like cooking delicious meals for my family (I attribute all of my culinary skills to the Food Network) and attending my son’s football games. In my spare time, I write new adult fiction, my biggest passion, and love listening to hard rock music and going to concerts. I hope to live long and prosper, and that you will, too.

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