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September 15, 2013

Micro-Review: Hers to Cherish (Verdantia #3) by Patricia A. Knight

One of my favorite aspects of the story, aside from the smoldering sexual chemistry between Steffania and Ramsey, is that it's edgy. Bad things sometimes happen to the characters and it gives the story weight amidst all the sinfully sexy encounters... not irreparably bad and the hero and heroine always recover, but other characters aren't always so lucky and this is a nice counterbalance to the romantic thread. Plus, you can't have a gladiator book based around D/s sex without some violence and cruelty... and without some good ole gratuitous smut! The setting of Hers To Cherish is a planet called Vxloncia that closely mimics ancient Rome, from gladiators and slaves to opulent [...]
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August 2, 2013

Micro-Review: Hers To Command (Verdantia #1) by Patricia A. Knight

The prologue is a bit of an information dump, giving the reader a condensed version of the planet's history and the reason for the Tetriatch. It's a little difficult to follow all the unfamiliar lingo and references but is valuable information. That said, I agree it was the most efficient way to jump right into the heart of the story. The voice of the characters, and the way they hold themselves, is both regal and a little old fashioned. Think modern day British monarchy with magic and a while lot more sexiness. The connection between each of the characters in the Tetriatch is intense and believable. I particularly enjoyed Doral's story and the lengths Ari and Fleur were willing to [...]
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