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October 8, 2015

Meet Vaughan from Dirty, Kylie Scott’s upcoming Dive Bar series #CoverReveal

Stage Dive fangirls rejoice!

Are you sad that the Stage Dive series is all buttoned up? Author Kylie Scott is unveiling the cover for the first book in her upcoming Dive Bar series, a spin-off featuring characters from the first fabulous rock star romance-a-palooza. Can I get a “Hell yeah!”?!!

The last thing Vaughan Hewson expects to find when he returns to his childhood home is a broken hearted bride in his shower, let alone the drama and chaos that comes with her.

Lydia Green doesn’t know whether to burn down the church or sit and cry in a corner. Discovering the love of your life is having an affair on your wedding day is bad enough. Finding out [...]

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December 2, 2014

Book Review: Lick (Stage Dive #1) by Kylie Scott

The premise for Lick is simply delightful. Girl wakes up on a hotel bathroom floor, with the hangover from hell and staring at a hot, shirtless, tatted-up dude who smiles down at her like she's his everything, then finds out she's gotten married to a rock star and has his name inked across her ass. That could have come off as cheesy or felt staged, but the delivery was absolute gold. That first scene had me hooked even before David said a single word, before we got a literary look at his gorgeous hair and tight jeans. The interplay between them just made the story that much more NECESSARY to read. Seriously people, if you like rock star romances - hell, if you like any contemporary [...]
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