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February 24, 2013

Spotlight on: Meet Blackthorn’s Most Wanted by Lindsay J. Pryor

Please help me welcome Lindsay Prior, author of Blood Shadows!

Huge thanks to GraveTells for inviting me to visit today and for being willing to feature my debut novel, Blood Shadows, the first in the Blackthorn paranormal romance series.

When the suggestion was put forward that I interview the anti-hero of the story – the extremely bad vampire, Kane Malloy – I thought that rather than me ask the questions, I’d open up the opportunity to some of his avid fans. So here we go…
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November 13, 2012

Review: Provoked (Dark Protectors #5) by Rebecca Zanetti

Determined to find a weapon in the war against the demons who have held his brother captive, tortured in mind, body, and spirit for the last four years, genius scientist Kane Kayrs follows a line of clues that takes him into a honkeytonk bar in small town USA, eyeing the lovely blonde waitress. Raised in a commune as a vegan and pacifist, Amber Freebird wants nothing to do with the rich and dangerous-looking man in her section and has no idea she is one of the legendary Demon Destroyers, a very rare enhanced human capable of blocking demon mental warfare. An unlikely pairing, Kane and Amber will have to figure out how to work together, and face some hard truths about themselves without [...]
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November 7, 2012

Review: Night Thief (The Night Series #1.5) by Lisa Kessler

He walks the dark streets, divesting France of the dregs of society. He is a predator but only in the way that Robin Hood was also considered a predator. He needs human blood to continue living. Only instead of feeding off of your average human, he feeds off those the world would do better without... murders, rapists and the like. Kane is an immortal. And after over 800 years, Kane is bored with his existence. Enter Marguerite, one of these so called dregs of society. She is Le Voleur D'or. The golden thief. Only hers is not your average story and he is intrigued by her golden beauty and cunning. Night Thief is a GraveTells Recommended Read!
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February 8, 2012

Review: Bound by the Vampire Queen (Vampire Queen series #8) by Joey W. Hill

After being summoned to the Fae realm to present herself to the Unseelie Queen, Lyssa and Jacob start an adventure which will yet again change the fabric of their lives. Nothing is as it seems in Fairy and protecting his Mistress becomes a thing of near impossibility for Jacob, even with his enhanced abilities.  Even if they make it out alive, they'll have to face even more trials at the hands of the dreaded vampire Council. Epic and mesmerizing, Bound by the Vampire Queen boldly follows in the footsteps of its Vampire Queen series predecessors and rewrites all the rules... again.
Urban Fantasy
Men In Uniform
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