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April 14, 2012

Influenster Beauty Buzz: Venus & Olay Razor Product Review

Holy soft and smooth skin, Batgirl! This is one serious razor. With both moisture bars to keep your skin feeling soft, smartly located on pivoting heads, this lovely new Venus razor moves with the natural contours of your body and gives you a clean, close shave.
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April 13, 2012

Influenster Beauty Buzz: Kiss Nail Dress Product Review

I'm really not a nail girl. Not. At. All. I am WAY too harsh on them, they're naturally long and strong (meaning they don't need much upkeep... don't hate me!), and they grow extremely fast (making polish not usually worth the effort). I only tried these strips because of the Influenster program - it was the product in my box I was least excited about. Imagine my surprise when I gave it a quick try, without reading the directions, and was able to figure out this super-simple system in a snap! Select the size that fits your nail, place the strip on and smooth it down, fold it over the end of your nail and file through it with the attached nail file. Voila - beautifully dressed nails!
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April 12, 2012

Influenster Buzz: Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

Truvia has a fantastic marketing campaign, and I appricate that more people are becoming familiar with stevia, but the taste doesn't quite live up to it for me. I've been a stevia junkie since before it was legal to shelve it with the other sweeteners (you had to find it in the Nutrional Supplements section at specialty stores like Whole Foods), so I've tried a few different brands.
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December 24, 2011

Influenster Holiday VoxBox Review: Larabar & Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Gum

It's time for more Influenster Holiday VoxBox product reviews! The next two are the Larabar Cashew Cookie fruit & nut food bar and Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Chewing Gum.
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