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August 15, 2017

New GraveTells podcast! Join me and Eden Bradley as we chat candidly about kink IRL vs in romance #podcast

I am SO EXCITED about my newest podcast release. Why? The podcast officially has MUSIC! And an INTRO! YASSS!!! I think you guys are gonna like it! Hit play below to check out the new awesome, then listen (in a safe place, because NSFW!) to the next 60 minutes of FAB as Eden Bradley and I chat candidly about the importance of women's sexual health, what part romance can play in it, and how kink in real life can differ from what you read in books. "You should not assume that because someone is kinky they are into non-monogamous sex." ~ Eden Bradley, GraveTells Podcast
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April 7, 2017

Win a signed paperback #ARC, do a 2-second reader poll! #JustForFun

GraveTells <3s our readers!

So here are a few fun goodies to round out the week…

Win a signed paperback advanced reader copy!

Dangerously Bad by Eden Bradley is a May release from Berkley, and it is HOT! The winner (US mailing addresses only) will win a prize pack with this signed ARC plus a signed Golden Gate Author Event tote (also from Ms. Bradley) and swag from some of the fab authors that attended GGAE! Pic below!

To enter to win, click this link and fill out the prize widget on FaceBook! Super easy, but the giveaway closes SOON, so don’t delay! You got opinions, we want em! #2second #ReaderSurvey

GraveTells is gather information for an event [...]

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September 28, 2016

Eden Bradley’s Training House series is now in print as a box set!

Eden Bradley’s iconic kink stories GIRL, BOY and MASTER in The Training House Series are available now in print as a Box Set! Read more about the three stories that started this memorable series and order your own copy in paperback! Links inside. =)
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April 22, 2016

Part 6 of 6: Meet the real Christopher from Eden Bradley’s Training House #giveaway #exclusive #GTSignature #Interview

We say goodbye to Eden and our 6-part interview today, but she leaves us with some insight into Christopher, MASTER, and dodging the San Francisco municipal ticketing brigade. Keep reading to see a reader question for Eden and take a glimpse into Wicked Grounds, the quirky, free-spirited kink cafe in the city!

Can't wait to read MASTER? Neither can we!
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