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November 7, 2016

Muscle watching at the beach with Astrid from Asa Maria Bradley’s Viking Warrior Rebel #CMCon17 #FlashFiction #giveaway

When Asa and I started talking about this post a few months ago, we both thought that something Election Day themed could be fun. I told her I'd reserved a special "glitter bomb prompt" just for her as well...which I found amusing, Asa maybe not so much. *giggle* But US election politics have taken a nasty turn as of late, and that joking mood just isn't in the air anymore. So instead of incorporating the original prompt of "an unconventional election", Asa is taking us to the beach with the athletes of the Ironman Triathlon! WOOO, MUSCLES! Yesss....
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November 2, 2016

Viking Warrior Rebel (Viking Warriors #2) by Asa Maria Bradley #BookReview

Astrid Irisdotter is a Valkyrie—an immortal female Viking warrior—in a band of males just as bloodthirsty and battle hardened as she is. Well, maybe not quite as bloodthirsty, since Astrid's berserker spirit has a particular taste for the thrill of the hunt and of battle. She met Luke Holden in the first book in this series, but we don't find out they slept together until Viking Warrior Rebel starts (that's not really a spoiler: something was definitely going on between these two!). Which is when Luke's unique skills are hinted at.
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April 2, 2016

Meet GT’s favorite 2016 RITA and Golden Heart nominees #RWA16 #BookAwards

The RITA Awards are the Romance Writers of America (RWA) equivalent of the Oscars. For romance books. Actually, the RITAs are more akin to the SAG Awards since only authors can choose the finalists and vote on the winners. But “SAG equivalent” sounds a lot less cool, and there’s really no Oscar equivalent, so let’s go with that. The awards for the RITAs and the Golden Hearts are given out at a big, fancy ceremony every July at RWA’s national convention.

This year, GraveTells is going. And I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it! Before I crow about some of my absolute favorite books from 2015 that made the Finalist lists, here’s a little more insight into the RITA Awards [...]
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February 3, 2016

Viking Warrior Rising (Viking Warrior #1) by Asa Maria Bradley #BookReview

Viking Warrior Rising echoes some of the best elements of other successful paranormal romance series without feeling like a clone: the camaraderie and tight loyalty of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the lore and elegance of Jan DeLima's Celtic Wolves, the pulsing sensuality and efficient lethality of Rebecca Zanetti's Sins Brothers. Ava Maria Bradley has crafted a hard-hitting romance that is steeped in Nordic history and culture and feels authentic in every sense. Viking Warrior Rising is a celebration of all the intangible must-haves that make paranormal romance so addicting, and I freaking loved it! Now all I can think about is how soon can I get my hands on the next book!
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"I like the format of the reviews and it helps me decide if a book is a ‘go get this now’, ‘wait until you’re in the mood’, ‘maybe- if there’s nothing else to read’ or ‘probably not the book match for me’. I eagerly look to see what quotes are presented and I find the ‘if you like-’ comparisons possibly as telling as the actual review. Way to go, guys!" ~ Sophia R.
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