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Nominee Spotlight on the Sexiest Geek Award: Who is the hunkiest of the brainiacs from 2012?

Nominee Spotlight on the Sexiest Geek Award: Who is the hunkiest of the brainiacs from 2012?

by davincikittieDecember 5, 2012

When we announced the nominees for the Character Awards earlier this week, I contacted all the authors who have a character nominated for Sexiest Geek and offered them the chance to be part of this spotlight event. Those that chose to participate chose a blogger to represent them, to shout to the blog-o-verse why their hottie is the Sexiest Geek of 2012. Below are the nominees and their enthusiastic blogger representatives…

The nominees…

Click the character’s name below for a link to his GT book review!

  • CressoHeart of the Incubus (Demons of Infernum) by Rosalie Lario
  • FrankClaiming Her Geeks by Eve Langlais
  • CashBlaze (Phoenix Rising series) by Joan Swan
  • Kane KayrsProvoked (Dark Protectors series) by Rebecca Zanetti
  • DancerIced (Dani O’Malley series) by Karen Marie Moning


Selection guidelines…

Nominees in the Sexiest Geek category were chosen using the following criteria…

  • Primary or secondary character in a story reviewed by in 2012
  • GraveTells review score of the story was 4.0/5 or greater
  • Story was published no earlier than December 2011
  • Character was personified as a genius or “geek” in the story and stood out as memorable and sexy, as expressed by the reviewer in her GraveTells review of the story


Let the smacktalk begin!

Crystal @ Reading Between the Wines on Cresso from Heart of the IncubusI’m here today to tell you why Cresso Taylor is the sexiest geek of all, and all you need to know are these three little words; SEX. DEMON. DOCTOR.

Yep, Cresso is a sex demon, an incubus to be exact, who is a doctor for the council, leaders of all otherworld specials in this sizzling series. But Cresso isn’t just any ole’ doctor. He’s developed a vaccine that allows sex demons to get down and dirty with other species without killing them, while still looking for a permanent cure. And all because of a promise he made to his mother. Does that not amp up his sex appeal even more or what? This also helped his friend, Ronin, find his happily ever after with the succubus love of his life.

But don’t let the lab coat fool you. Under that white and polished Gucci suit is an alpha male. Protectiveness, assertiveness, dependability & determination are just a few of the alpha qualities you’ll find in Cresso. And as a reformed playboy, Cresso also has that bad boy appeal that I for one, can never get enough of!Can any of these other wannabe’s make you come from across the room with their allure. I think not. This quote from Genevieve sums it up well, “…with Cresso, anything was possible.”

So in conclusion, VOTE FOR CRESSO, because everyone knows, Geek Is The New Sexy and when you add an incubus to it, you’re thrust onto a whole new level of smoldering!

Visit Crystal online at Reading Between the Wines

Jennifer James on Frank from Claiming Her GeeksFiremen with magic powers? What, like their hose is enchanted or something? A poor widdle demon with performance issues? Aww, what’s the matter, don’t want to get groiny? A dude named Dancer—what kind of sexy geek is that? He going to tell me how thermodynamics are related to the Cha-Cha? Oh, and then we have Kane…a vampire scientist. What’s he do, play with his chemistry set all day?

Let’s talk werewolves. In particular, Frank, who uses both heads make sure his mate’s needs to be dominant in public while submissive in private are filled to overflowing, orgasmic proportion. A master of manipulating situations with guys who are bigger and stronger than he is, Frank navigates wolfy politics in a way that lets his lady love get her rocks off kicking ass while he watches from the sidelines, all revved up and ready to escort her to the nearest semi-private area and dominate her. Being a Dom comes naturally to this wolf, and seeing him in action is sure to send you to the nearest private place for a little self love. (Or public, whatever rocks your world. 😉 )

What can be sexier than a mate who knows and understand your needs, then goes above and beyond to fill them?

Visit Jennifer James online at

Kelly M. @ Books-n-Kisses on Kane from ProvokedWhen I was asked to represent Kane Kayrs of Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protector’s Series I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Fearing I would not be able to get across just how much I love the smart Kayrs brother. But here it goes…..

How does one describe Kane Kayrs? Well I am just going to quote from his lady love “dark hair, deep blue eyes, rugged features that hint at his intelligence” this really only touches the surface of what and who Kane really is. Kane is not only drop dead gorgeous, he is known as the smartest man on earth. Kane has spent so much of his free time reading, researching and learning everything there is to learn. But even the smartest man in the world knows he still has room to learn.

Kane is witty, fierce, determined, loyal to his family, loves his lady with everything he has, super-hot, the smartest man on earth and well just an all-around great guy. So as you can see Kane has it all.Really does it get any sexier than a super smart man that is funny, loyal, loving and hot?

Visit Kelly M. online at Books-n-Kisses

Thank you SO MUCH to Crystal, Jennifer, and Kelly for helping make this event so great!! <3 to you all and best of luck to the authors!

See the schedule & all the nominees for the 2012 GraveTells Readers Choice Awards here…

So who has your early vote?

You’ve heard the testimony, now it’s time to get ready to cast your vote. Official voting doesn’t start until December 21st, so let’s dish about who our favorites are until then!

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