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Book Review: One Night Stand (Martin Family) by Parker Kincade

Book Review: One Night Stand (Martin Family) by Parker Kincade

by IMPJanuary 31, 2013

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

You find out that the man you’ve been dating is sleeping with his secretary. You’ve become a cliché. What’s your next step? That is, aside of from the obvious first step of calling your best friend and getting rip roaring drunk.

Step one: Get drunk…

Step two: Take some time off. Get away from the family. You love your big brothers, but the horsemen of the apocalypse cannot know what happened just yet.

Step three: Allow your best friend to convince you that what you really need is a hot meaningless one-night stand with a stranger.

Step four: Walk away, no strings attached, no waiting for a phone call and definitely no expectations.

Well, I guess three out of four isn’t bad. However, when you add three incredibly hot, overbearing older brothers, also known as three of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and a one-night stand that is anything but, you have the makings for a recipe for disaster.

I am nothing if not a sucker for a story with a hot alpha male and independent heroine that know how to kick butt. So it should come as no surprise that I loved Amanda and Joe. I have to admit to having my doubts during that first chapter. Amanda came across as whiny and quite a defeatist, the complete opposite of what I like in my heroines. Luckily though, this turns out to be an abnormality for Amanda. Having grown up with three older brothers, a girl learns how to take care of herself and this sexy, Harley driving, ex-sniper is the perfect rebound relationship for Amanda.

With likeable secondary characters, a great storyline and incredibly steamy scenes, One Night Stand is a must not-miss. Ms. Parker may be new to the scene but I can guarantee we’ll be seeing a lot more from her.

Memorable Quotes:

That’s what best friends are for…

“Honestly Amanda, he wasn’t good enough for you.” Samantha said as she tossed back a shot of cinnamon whiskey.

“You never complained about him before. ”

“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey, I think your boyfriend is a douche?’ Yeah, right.” Sam snorted. “That would have gone over well.”

How to pacify your new girlfriend’s very large brothers…

“You’re sleeping on the couch, right, Sterling?”  Caleb said.

He snickered at the question. “Absolutely.”

Not bloody likely.

My God, where can I get one of these?

“I know it’s not rational, Mandy. I know we’ve only known each other a week. It doesn’t make any sense at all, but I love you. I love that you’re soft and girly, but tough as nails when you’re pissed. I love the way your eyes light up when I walk into a room. I love the way you come apart in my arms.”

He joined her on the bed, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. “I’m not asking you for anything, but you need to know that I want to be with you. Not just for now, either. Loving you is the most important thing I’ve ever done. You are what I’ve been looking for, baby.”

If you liked One Night Stand…

If you enjoyed One Night Stand and are looking for more one night stands that turn into so much more, you don’t want to miss Sophia Knightly’s Sold on You,  a story about finding your forever while looking for only one night of passion.

Rating: One Night Stand


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