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VBC 2012 Alpha Showdown: Vote for Hawke!

VBC 2012 Alpha Showdown: Vote for Hawke!

by davincikittieMay 19, 2012

Who’s the biggest baddest alpha wolf around?

Damn straight, it’s Hawke Snow of San Francisco’s SnowDancer wolf shifter pack.  If you’re a fan of Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series, you already know how INCREDIBLY AWESOME Hawke is, and why he TOTALLY DESERVES to beat Curran (“Beast Lord”? Title much? Pfft!) in the first round of this year’s Vampire Book Club Alpha Showdown.

Now, many of you probably remember Barrons won this shindig last year, and we were treated to a smoldering Barrons POV sex scene compliments of Ms. Moning.  With the big guy out of the competition this year, who will the crown go to?  Bones and Terrible are early favorites, but that’s just because they’re well known… right?

Ok, I can see you need more convincing.  Here’s why Hawke is obviously the toughest Alpha and why you should GO VOTE right now to help him advance to round two! Voting is only open for two days, so don’t delay!

And when he obliterates Curran in this first round, I might have to do some poolside scheming in Vegas with The Captain to work on some fun insults for his next opponent.  *grin*

Character Name: Hawke Snow
You know him from: The Psy/Changeling series by Nalini Singh
First appeared in: Slave to Sensation (series #1)
Prominently Featured in: Kiss of Snow (series #10)
Supernatural status: Wolf Shifter
Championed by:
DaVinciKittie, of  

Other shifters tremble at the mention of his name, and those who encroach on SnowDancer lands come back out in pieces… if at all. The only “beast lord” in this den is badass, scary as hell Hawke Snow.

Mated to one of the legendary, extraordinarily lethal X-Psy, and commanding a team of alpha officers, each deadly in his or her own right, this is not a male you want to cross.

As the most dominant changeling pack in California and the largest in the US, SnowDancer is ferocious, vicious, unforgiving, and merciless to its enemies, and Hawke Snow has ruthlessly led his pack since tragedy devastated them at 15. Threatening this alpha wolf is the last mistake you’ll ever make.

But let’s be honest here. As sexy as it is to be bossy, badass, and scary, being alpha is about more than that. A good alpha protects his people… but he’s also their rock, their father-figure, the heart and soul of his pack. Whether a pack member needs some TLC or a cub some hands-on lessons with his alpha, Hawke Snow is there in a heartbeat.

Kate got your tongue, Curran? How many lives do you have left anyway? You call those pitiful little nubs claws? Somebody get this kitten a scratching post.  Seriously.

Don’t forget your vita-milk kitty cat, because this big bad wolf eats little beasties like you for breakfast.

Here’s the full event bracket for those of you who still haven’t clicked to vote.

Slackers. *grin*

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