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Fangtastic Friday: Ilona Andrews recaps Armadillo Con

Fangtastic Friday: Ilona Andrews recaps Armadillo Con

by davincikittieSeptember 2, 2011

If you aren’t subscribed to PNR/UF/SF writer Ilona Andrews’s blog, you’re truly missing out. The female half of this dynamic husband-wife writing team publishes her thoughts on pretty much everything, although usually it’s at least somewhat PNR/UF/SF-related, but even when it’s not it’s entertaining. From the perils of teenage school shopping with “kid 1 and kid 2”, to tantalizing snippets of their new book-in-progress, to publisher and reader no-no’s from an author’s perspective, to humorously honest recaps of the Cons they attend, no topic is sacred on the Andrews blog!

This past weekend, Armadillo Con was held in downtown Austin. I live in Austin. I’d never heard of this Con. I find out about it from an Ilona Andrews “where to find us” blast on the day of the Con as we’re driving down IH35 toward another appointment. “Argh!” I think, “I wish I’d known, I’d have SO gone to that!!” It’s not every day a successful, affordable, off the beaten trail convention you would enjoy attending is happening in your back yard. No staying in hotels, no plane tickets, no ridiculously sky high admission fees (seriously RT, $500 just to ATTEND?? WTH are you thinking?!)… yeah, I totally missed out. *dramatic sigh*

BUT! Not to worry, Ilona Andrews provided her readers with a witty recap of the Con, covering everything from “pretty girl syndrome” to her rant on why Comic Book stores are failing. I won’t spoil (or rehash) the entire blog post for you, in case some of already subscribe or plan to start up, but here are a few of the more interesting things she had to say…

The reason behind the demise of the Comic Book store?

The panel touched on a possible demise of the independent comic book stores. I didn’t want to bring it up, because I didn’t want to be labeled a hater, but most comic book stores I visited – and I’ve visited a lot – are kind of poorly set up. You have your treasure wall behind the counter, and then a cramped space with long-boxes that are often disorganized. The floor plan is often dominated by tabletop gamers, for which these stores serve as hubs. I have no problem with gamers, but I wish their presence would be taken into consideration when the retail space is planned.

On writing Paranormal Romance…

The panel touched on such topics as “Why werewolves and vampires?” and “Do we write anything besides werewolves and vampires?” and “OMG, everyone else thinks we write tripe.” And they do. I don’t care. I write what makes me happy, meh.

On book signings…

We had a surprising line of people. O_O. I was kind of amazed. We were told by two different people that we were nice and how nice it was that we were not rude.
I feel that if the writer can’t make that commitment, this writer shouldn’t be making any public appearances. Being snobby to people who came to see you is not cool. We hope we will never be that way, and if one of us strays into “above it all” territory, the other one has permission to slap them.

Randomness: On radiant paint barriers…

We chatted (with Claudia), and her AC bill is half ours, because she has a “radiant barrier” paint on her house. Must make radiant barrier happen.

On being young and beautiful in a Con full of randy, lecherous middle-aged men…

Kid 1 and Kid 2 got to wonder around the con and experience the pretty girl phenomenon, otherwise known as “You are so pretty! Here, have free stuff!” Hopefully it will not go to their heads.

In conculsion…

I pretty much love Armadillocon. It’s laid back and easy. There is no pressure. The people we spoke to were interesting and nice, and the con staff treated everyone with what I now believe is the trademark Texan politeness.

Aww, I love it when people appreciate our Texan sugar. We may be nursing a grudge bigger than A&M vs. t.u., but we’ll smile through our teeth and offer you some sweet tea like you’re our best girlfriend. As far as Armadillo Con, I’m definitely sold! Next year about this time, I hope to be writing my own recap of my escapades and conquests at the Con. *Grin*

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