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Review: Voracious (Clare Point #5) by V.K. Forrest

Review: Voracious (Clare Point #5) by V.K. Forrest

by dg_mollyFebruary 5, 2013

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


An alpha as well as a loner most of the time, Aedan has the ability to shapeshift into any animal or person and lives for his work as a murder investigator and assassin for the sept, the ruling committee for vampires. He’s had and lost his one true love and is convinced that love only comes along once in a lifetime – until he meets Dallas. Too bad relationships with humans is forbidden.

Workaholic and also a loner, Dallas has the unique ability to see people’s pasts with a touch. She keeps to herself and has had only one real relationship because of her inability to turn her abilities off. After being relentlessly pursued by Aedan, Dallas finds that when she touches him she sees for the first time, a whole lot of blissful nothing. Aedan and Dallas both tentatively continue their relationship while Aedan tries to uncover the identity of the creature that is cutting and raping young girls around his hometown. With the creature hibernating for 50 years and only showing up for two moon cycles, it’s a race to stop it before its too late.

The Clare Point series has a seriously cool back story and take on vampires, as well as including zombies, werewolves, witches, and other paranormal creatures. Each book can be considered a stand-alone, carries pieces of the continuing story, but doesn’t leave the reader feeling lost coming in mid-series. With all that aside, the beginning was very slow and I never felt a connection with the two main characters. I found their relationship lacking that connection as well, which was a little disconcerting. But, the main plot as well as the secondary plots were great and the complete driving reason I finished the book.

Memorable Quotes:


“Can you think of anything about your attacker that might help us find him? Any details? Even the smallest, most insignificant detail? The kind of shoes he was wearing? Any tattoos? Body piercings? Cologne?”

“I can’t think of anything distinguishing about him. Which is weird, because it seemed like I laid on the ground under him for hours.” She was quiet long enough that Aedan thought she was done, then she spoke again. “He was cold.”

He met her gaze. “The ground was cold?”

“It was, but that’s not what I meant. He was cold. His body. You know”—again she teared up – “where he touched me.”

I wanna hear it!

“I don’t want to hear it.”

“You don’t?” He leaned over her, pulling her close until her lips were a breath from his.

“No,” she whispered as his mouth touched hers. Her eyes were wide open, as if she was scared. But she couldn’t resist him any more than he could resist her.

“Just don’t fuck this up,” she whispered. “You do, and I swear I’ll—“

“You’ll what?” he dared. And then he covered her mouth with his, ending the conversation.

Some humans are so dense…

“I didn’t lie. I just didn’t fully disclose. And again, how was I supposed to tell you? Why would I? You think I can walk around telling every woman I meet, ‘Hi, I’m Aedan Brigid and by the way, I’m a vampire?’”

If you liked Voracious…

If you enjoyed Voracious make sure to check out the rest of the Clare Point series starting with Eternal. Or take a look at the Darkwing Chronicles by Savannah Russe starting with Beyond the Pale, a dark, sexy vampire thriller.

Rating: Voracious


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