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Review: Shadow’s Edge (Kyn Kronicles #1) by Jami Gray

Review: Shadow’s Edge (Kyn Kronicles #1) by Jami Gray

by MisaApril 24, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Raine McCord, withdrawn and independent, hunts monsters in a world where supernatural beings live among unknowing, clueless mortals. But when someone threatens their cover, Raine has to partner up with Gavin – Mr. Dark and Dangerous – to investigate, and trace the trail of death and disappearances to the person behind it all. But then Raine’s past begins to surface, and soon it’s not only the supernatural world’s anonymity at stake, but their lives, and their very beings, too.

  • Title: Shadow’s Edge
  • Series: Kyn Kronicles #1
  • Author: Jami Gray
  • Prominent Characters: Raine, Gavin
  • Recommended Reader Age: 16+
  • Sexual Content Level: Very little

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Shadow’s Edge has the potential to be a phenomenal supernatural mystery. The story follows Raine, a girl with a traumatic past and supernatural abilities, as she partners with renowned bad boy Gavin to investigate two cases that her boss – who, coincidentally, happens to be her uncle – thinks may or may not be linked to one another.

The action scenes in this book were one of the major highlights for me. They were breathtaking and real. I’ve read books in which the heroine rebounds back perfectly fine after being hit countless times when, in reality, it really hurts to be punched. And I really liked how the author took that into account, and how she vividly describes both Raine and her opponent’s movement as well as the pain she experiences, and the pain and raw ache that follows. Books often make it seem as if one can go through countless fights one after the other easily. I loved how it wasn’t so in Shadow’s Edge, but even more that the author really made us feel the ache and pain. Brilliant.

Raine was also a really strong character. She was a solitary being, and the author really shows that not only in the way Raine thinks and others talk about her, but also in the way she acts. Sometimes, I find that in books many characters’ actions contradict the personality and characteristics the author tries to give her character. But everything from the way Raine kept fighting to keep everyone at an arm’s length to the way Raine kept that wary eye out on everyone really showed what kind of person she was. I also love how the author twined her past with her present, and how they kind of mirrored each other in a way. And Gavin… well, he’s your typical mysterious, sexy bad boy, but he pretty much remained in that cliche, bad boy character throughout the story, and was way too predictable and space-intruding for my liking.

However, while some books lack explanation and leave their readers clueless, this book seemed to have a little too much information. There were pages upon pages of explanation cleverly concealed in dialogue that I felt was unnecessary. This really slowed down the story, especially in the opening scenes, and towards the end when the author tries to show us how Raine’s past and present connect. A lot of it was also repeated explanations, which to me slowed down the story even more as these were large chunks of explanation that I’d already read about before. I felt like we could’ve done with a lot less of that and more action.

Also, while I really enjoyed the exchange and sexual tension between Raine and Gavin, I felt like half the time Raine spent puzzling and fighting internal battles with herself over Gavin should’ve been spent on more important things. Like the fate of the supernatural, the deaths, and the cases on hand. Even while she’s in a scene, investigating, there’s always these moments in which she seems to forget about the case altogether, and instead focuses all attention on Gavin. I mean, okay, Gavin does seem pretty hot and totally attention-worthy, but you would think that one would find it more important to investigate a case and find out who’s behind a huge chain of ongoing deaths, disappearances, and deadly accidents as opposed to finding out whether your hot co-worker really likes you or not. Right?

But overall, I found Shadow’s Edge to be a somewhat entertaining read teeming with the dark supernatural and heart-stopping action that’ll keep you reading. This is a title that fans of dark paranormal romance mysteries might want to take a look at.

Memorable Quotes:

Way to say “good night”

“Good night, Raine.” His voice, low and quiet, stroked down her spine like the rub of soft fur. Chills danced
up her arms. “Just to clarify, it wasn’t the tea I wanted to check out.”

Good luck…

If luck was on their side, tomorrow morning those documents might give them some idea of where to find Rimmick. On the other hand, they might raise more questions. She was betting on more questions, since Luck was probably on vacation, sipping a Mai Tai and laughing her ass off.

If you liked Shadow’s Edge…

If you enjoyed Shadow’s Edge, and are looking for some more action-filled books starring a whole cast of supernatural characters, be sure to check out Pleasure Unbound and the rest of the Demonica series by Larissa Ione (it focuses [a lot] more on the romance, but they have similar overall storylines), and stay tuned for the second book in the Kyn Kronicles.

Final Thoughts:

Shadow’s Edge has the potential to be something really amazing and heart-pounding. There’s that toe-curling, near-frustrating, undeniable chemistry between Raine and Gavin, and heart-fluttering, kick-ass action scenes. However, there were too many unnecessary explanations, and so much of Raine obsessing over Gavin and telling herself that being alone was the smarter option when she should’ve been worrying about the fate of the supernatural. There also wasn’t enough of the delving into this supernatural world. Still, it is a pretty decent read with some seriously awesome scenes, so you might want to take a look.

Rating: Shadow’s Edge

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