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Review: Shadowed Soul (a 1Night Stand short) by Stacey Kennedy

Review: Shadowed Soul (a 1Night Stand short) by Stacey Kennedy

by Chanel ChanceySeptember 20, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Brokenhearted, Ellie signs up with a one-night stand dating service to help her get back in the dating groove. When her date turns out to be a hunk named Bryce, the night is off to a good start. What attracts Bryce to Ellie, more than her good looks, is the fact that she is in pain; he can feel other’s pain and is drawn to help women who need healing. How will Ellie react to his attempts to help her when all she expects is a good time? Shadowed Soul is worth a look.

  • Title: Shadowed Soul
  • Series: 1Night Stand
  • Author: Stacey Kennedy
  • Prominent Characters: Ellie, Bryce
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre:Paranormal
  • Sexual Content Level: explicit

*** This review contains some plot spoilers. Read on at your own risk. ***


Ellie is mourning her last relationship ending and decides to sign up for a one-night stand dating service in an effort to get physical satisfaction.

Her best friend goes with her to the club where the meet will take place, but once Ellie meets her date Bryce and they hit it off right away, she plans to go ahead with the date. The couple kisses upon meeting and sparks instantly fly.

As soon as he buys her a drink, Bryce begins to question Ellie and they get into a discussion about her last relationship. I found it a bit pushy on his part and wondered why she continued with the date, I think most women would have been awkward that a virtual stranger would ask such personal questions.

When they arrive to his house, Bryce continues to push her past her comfort zone, which honestly made me a bit uncomfortable for her. It becomes obvious that Bryce is something other than human, his ability to read her emotions catches her attention.

The sex scenes in Shadowed Soul are explicit, but well done and vivid. Ms. Kennedy does a great job of allowing the reader to experience the sensations from both sides. At sunrise, Bryce, who is a vampire, has to leave Ellie and she feels confused that his words and actions don’t match up. Not sure how she didn’t figure this out, but I digress. The romance between them feels a bit rushed at this point, the depth of emotion doesn’t quite jive for a couple that have only known each other a few hours and most of the time was not spent talking.

Shadowed Soul is a good novella, with well written kinky sex scenes that are enjoyable.

Memorable Quotes:

Best strategy to get into clubs?

”Do men who guard the door so you don’t have to wait.”

Not exactly what you expect a guy to ask.

”…please do as I ask and get up on the rock.”

Final Thoughts:

A quick satisfying read with much sex, in creative and interesting positions. I do love the way Ms. Kennedy ends the story; it’s a believable and fulfilling way to leave this couple.

Rating: Shadowed Soul

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  • September 20, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    I am actually into books and I am looking for new ones today and I think this can be a good choice. I can bring this especially if I will have my holiday soon. I just hope I can have more because I will be travelling for like 10 hours and even more for some stop overs.

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