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Review: Nightfall (Vampire Romance #2) by Norah Wilson

Review: Nightfall (Vampire Romance #2) by Norah Wilson

by Chanel ChanceySeptember 19, 2012

TLDR Recap:

When vampire hunter Aiden Afflack recruits photographer Sam Shae in his quest to capture and kill rogue killers, he didn’t mean to put her life in danger. Sam Shae’s visions are becoming more frequent and definitely more disturbing. And when a man who claims to be a vampire convinces her to use them in order to save lives, she ends up in way over her head. Nightfall is worth a look.

  • Title: Nightfall
  • Series: Vampire Romance, book #2
  • Author: Norah Wilson
  • Prominent Characters: Aiden, Sam
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Sexual Content Level: High

*** This review contains small plot spoilers. Read on at your own risk. ***


Sam Shae’s dreams bring her to the best locations where she captures amazing pictures of natural occurrences. But lately they’ve taken a dark turn and she happens to show up where violence of a human nature is transpiring.

Aiden is part of a group of vampires who hunt down rogue vamps that kill humans threatening the obscurity of his kind. When Sam Shae shows up at two attacks, he puts two and two together, she is some sort of physic who somehow senses the crime before it happens.

When the rogue vampires realize Sam can sense them, they go after her. Aiden is forced to protect her. She makes a bargain with him; he must pose for pictures in exchange for her help. Several noteworthy scenes come from her photographing the handsome vampire.

The attraction between Aiden and Sam seems to come from his perspective first. He never denies the attraction, which is a nice departure and makes him likeable. Sam, on the other hand, spends so much time asking him questions that I wanted to slap her at times. He is very patient and accommodating, answering question after infernal question. I did enjoy their first attempt to make love on the side of a highway, which turns out to be less than memorable. It was hilarious, especially after Aiden promised her that sex with a vampire was unforgettable. Of course she stops mid blowjob to ask questions, once again *slap*. The romance between them is well done and paced well. Action is well done with some of the attacks bringing the reader to the scene.

Nightfall is a good read, that keeps a good pace between action and dialog.

Memorable Quotes:

Interesting Marriage Proposal

”Omigod, Sam.” She felt laughter rumble through him. “That was -” “Awful,” she finished. “God yes! Gloriously, awkwardly, stupendously awful. Say you’ll marry me.”

Pretty sexy line.

”If you fight me, no one will come to your rescue …even if they did, they couldn’t possibly stop me. I can do whatever I want with you. To you.”

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed nightfall in spite of the heroine. The ending was surprising, not because of the twist but because of the situation, which could have easily been avoided.

Rating: Nightfall

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