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Review: Her Druid Temptation (Amber Druid Series Prequel) by Trish Leger

Review: Her Druid Temptation (Amber Druid Series Prequel) by Trish Leger

by Rachel ElizabethFebruary 21, 2013

***This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence!***


It’s just a regular day on the job for Amber Druid Traven Campbell. He’s following a target for the New Orleans P.D. who could be entangled in several back door dealings. When he sees his target with a beautiful redhead, he’s shocked to realize the woman is none other than Liana Morgan, the female Amber Druid he’s always been attracted to.

When Liana senses another Amber Druid in the city, she never expects the Druid to be Traven. The womanizing, too-sexy-for-his-own-good male claims that he’s in New Orleans so he can keep an eye on someone for the police. Liana is stunned when Traven reveals that the man Liana had planned on hiring to run her new restaurant may not be as trustworthy as she thought. Liana makes the choice to help Traven in any way she can, but it’s difficult to keep her walls up around the one man who tempts her like no one else ever has.

Short and steamy, Her Druid Temptation was a fun novella and an interesting introduction to Trish Leger’s world of the Amber Druids. The Amber Druids are these immortal creatures who can use glamour and move incredibly fast, but each Druid has their own unique talent that sets them apart. They’re kind of a combination between X-Men and vampires, which is pretty cool.

The relationship between Traven and Liana was hot; they have chemistry and there’s definitely sexual tension there. I really liked Liana as a heroine. She’s brave, composed, elegant, and passionate. I like that she knew what she wanted, and that was a serious relationship and someone she could spend her immortal life with. She knew she deserved someone who could commit to her and she wasn’t going to settle for anything less, and I admire that. Traven proving to Liana that he could be the man she needed was sweet to read about.

I wish there could have been a little more focus on the plotline about Malcolm Spitz, the guy Traven was following. He didn’t seem like that big of a threat to Traven and Liana. This novella is mainly about the developing relationship between the two leads, and I don’t mind that, but I didn’t find the villain very intimidating. Other than that, though, I enjoyed Her Druid Temptation.

Memorable Quotes:

Typical Traven…

She leaned forward in the chair. “You couldn’t be serious about something if it came by and bit you on the ass.”
Now he was the one to raise his eyebrow. “Sweetheart, if you had interest in my ass all this time, all you had to do was say something.”

If only…

“Check out the menu and see what appeals to you.”
I already know what appeals to me- you, naked, on the table before me. That could be my supper.

If you liked Her Druid Temptation…

You should check out Her Druid Desire, which is the first, full-length book in the Amber Druid series by Trish Leger.

Rating: Her Druid Temptation


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