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Review: Hearts of Darkness (Deadglass #1) by Kira Brady

Review: Hearts of Darkness (Deadglass #1) by Kira Brady

by dg_mollySeptember 10, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Nurse Kayla Friday has returned to Seattle to identify the body of her sister after her mysterious murder. While confronting her sister’s body, Kayla doesn’t expect to be interrogated by a large, dark, and ruggedly handsome man named Hart that seems to think she knows the location of a necklace her sister stole from his employer. Wanting to discover the truth behind her sister’s murder, Kayla decides to search for the necklace with Hart and is thrust into a centuries old war between two ancient shifter races, fighting for power and dominance under the noses of humanity. Hearts of Darkness is a GraveTells Must-Read!

  • Title: Hearts of Darkness
  • Series: Deadglass #1
  • Author: Kira Brady
  • Prominent Characters: Hart, Kayla
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Patient, serious, and a perfection seeker, nurse Kayla Friday was always the rock her sister depended on. Going back to Seattle to identify her sister’s body has turned her controlled world upside down and has left her feeling helpless and distraught. While looking at her sister’s body for the last time, Kayla is questioned by the dark, slightly dangerous Hart about a necklace he was sent to retrieve and that her sister had stolen. Kayla realizes that maybe she wasn’t as close to her sister as she once thought.

Cocky, arrogant, and dangerous, Hart is a wolf shifter that’s been enslaved for the last 15 years by a ruthless Drekar dragon shifter. Retrieving a necklace for his boss is his last job and then his freedom is his. When he meets Kayla he never expects to actually “feel.” She somehow makes him forget all the hurt and dark deeds he’s done in the past to work towards his freedom. She shouldn’t trust him, but he can’t get her out of his head.

Even though Kayla’s instincts are telling her to run, she follows her heart and joins with Hart to find the missing necklace in hopes to find out who killed her sister and why. Hart takes her on an unbelievable journey into the dark side of Seattle that people never see and the two warring shifter races fight to keep hidden. Through grave danger, heartbreaking betrayals, and the looming threat of the Apocalypse, unbelievable secrets about Kayla’s family and origins are revealed. Kayla fights not only for herself and Hart, but for the world as she knows it.

Hearts of Darkness was fantastic! Brady’s work is chock full of information as well as Norse and Babylonian mythology, but was so well written that it didn’t overwhelm or appear confusing and the writing was so detailed that the story ran like a hi-def movie in my head. The story is told from the point of view of the many well-developed characters that gave a fabulous look into the story through their eyes that I found refreshing and made reading all the more enjoyable. I look forward to reading the follow up, Hearts of Shadow (Deadglass #2).

Memorable Quotes:

You don’t have to tell me twice…

“Lady, I think you should accept your sister died of a drug overdose and leave it at that.”

“As a nurse, I can tell you she didn’t. Do I look like a chump?”

He thrust the bag at her, and they both held on for a moment. The pupils of his strange eyes were encircled by a thin band of violet. His gaze raked her body, head to toe and back again, taking extra time to visually fondle her chest. She resisted the urge to cover herself, proud she didn’t back down. But when he took a step forward, she couldn’t help a hasty step back. Her shoulders knocked against the cold metal wall.

“Naw.” He leered, towering over her. “You look smart. Are you smart, babe? ‘Cause nothing you do can bring her back.” The half smile dropped like a mask. His pupils dilated until his eyes shown, tow pools of violet-black, otherworldly and somehow inhuman. He bent down to whisper in her, breath hot on her sensitive neck. “Take some advice.” His lips brushed her ear. “The smartest thing you can do?”

She smelled musk and pine, thought of dark forests and the wild hunt. A shiver that had nothing to do with fear raced down her spine.


If this is a dream, I never want to wake up

“You’re not crazy,” Hart said. His eyes held understanding and pity. Or was it only a shared madness? “You’re not.”

“How…” She licked her lips and watched him watch the movement of her tongue. “How can you be sure?”

His hand shot toward her. She reared back. Too slow. He clamped his fingers around the back of her skull, anchoring her. Suddenly his mouth was on hers. Hot and wet. Domineering. Their teeth collided. Her jaw dropped, and he took advantage. His tongue tasting of coffee and mint, thrust savagely, once, twice. It thawed the cold shock that had shrouded her body. Her core heated. Yes, she thought. More. Forget the monsters. Hart was human and male. Temptation beckoned, more alluring, more powerful than she’d ever felt it.

Before she could react, it was over. He dropped his hand and stepped back, leaving her dazed and strangely empty.

“Don’t know if that proves I’m dreaming or what,” she murmured.

One corner of his mouth turned up. “Dreaming, definitely.”

Cheeky little wolf…

She followed him into the main room. “We aren’t finished. How will we contact each other if we find anything?”

He snatched a pen off the counter and turned to her. He pulled the cap off with his sharp white teeth and picked up her hand. “I’m giving you my number.” The pen tip tickled her palm. “There you go.” He dropped her hand and recapped the pen.

Kayla watched him stroll to the door, feral grace in his stride, cocky arrogance in the set of his shoulders.

“Don’t get in any more fights,” she called after him. “Stay out of trouble.”

He snorted and left without a word. Opening her hand, she read what he had written.

For a good time call…

Oh, brother.

If you liked Hearts of Darkness…

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Final Thoughts:

Hearts of Darkness is a fabulous debut and beginning to what can only be foreseen as a series not to be missed! Hearts of Darkness is a must-read!

Rating: Hearts of Darkness


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