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Review: Caressed by Night (Rulers of Darkness #2) by Amanda J. Greene

Review: Caressed by Night (Rulers of Darkness #2) by Amanda J. Greene

by Rachel ElizabethJune 27, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Dimitri Arsov is the last remaining pure vampire around, and for the past 400 years, the supernatural world has believed him to be dead. Now he has reappeared to get revenge on the person who tried to kill him centuries ago. Kerstyn Ingmar is an art historian who lives a normal life…but she also happens to be the mate Dimitri has waited his whole life for. But Dimitri keeps having visions of a bloody, grim future, and he’ll need to fight destiny if he hopes to save Kerstyn’s life. Caressed by Night is worth a look!

  • Title: Caressed by Night
  • Series: Rulers of Darkness #2
  • Author: Amanda J. Greene
  • Prominent Characters: Dimitri, Kerstyn
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Sexual Content Level: high

***This review contains some plot spoilers, but nothing major!***


For 400 years, pureblood vampire king Dimitri Arsov has been in hiding, letting everyone think he’s dead. He’s spent years plotting his revenge on the man who betrayed him all those centuries ago, and the time has finally come for him to show his face again so he can put his plans into motion. When he saves a beautiful woman, he recognizes her as the mate he’s been longing for.

Kerstyn Ingmar lives a pretty ordinary, if somewhat boring, life up until she’s almost attacked and is saved by a sexy, mysterious stranger. As if nearly being assaulted isn’t bad enough, Kerstyn’s roommate kicks her out of her apartment right after that. Homeless and without a job, she desperately needs a place to stay, so when a friend takes her to a mansion owned by a guy who’s willing to let Kerstyn stay there, she’s shocked to discover the place belongs to her handsome savior. She has an instant connection with Dimitri, but he’s keeping a huge secret, and soon Kerstyn finds herself thrust into a world she never imagined could exist.

Caressed by Night was a sexy, interesting read with good world-building. Amanda J. Greene’s story is gritty, romantic, and darkly seductive.

Kerstyn and Dimitri made a cute couple, and damn, their love scenes were steamy. Dimitri is freaking gorgeous (he’s described as looking like Thor, so yeah…enough said) and seeing this old-fashioned vamp lose control was hot.

Individually, Kerstyn and Dimitri were both interesting characters. Kerstyn was sweet and caring, although maybe a bit naïve. I’m not sure I could move into an empty mansion with an obviously dangerous, lethal guy I didn’t know, but then again, if he looked like Thor, I suppose I’d definitely be tempted. I really like how accepting she was of Dimitri, too; I’m so used to heroines freaking out and running for the hills when they find out the men they‘re falling for are supernatural creatures, so it was refreshing to read about a heroine that handled the news surprisingly well.

Like I said, I found Dimitri and Kerstyn to be an endearing couple, but outside of the bedroom, I felt like there was a lack of spark in their relationship. It seemed that, at times, their connection was a bit forced, which is what made me lower my rating of Caressed by Night. When I read a PNR book, I want the chemistry between the hero and heroine to be exciting and believable. Kerstyn and Dimitri fell in love rather quickly, but once I got over that, I enjoyed watching their relationship progress.

Overall, Caressed by Night is a sweet, yet also very erotic book that I’m glad I got the chance to read.

Memorable Quotes:


“Kerstyn,” he whispered painfully, achingly. His last attempt to refuse her, but God, he wanted this. He needed this. He needed her. He needed her love, her warmth, her passion. He needed her to take the cold away, to melt the ice surrounding his dead heart.

Um..*I* like. Very much…

Kerstyn’s thoughts slammed to a stop as Dimitri stepped into the kitchen. Her pulse picked up as her lungs filled with his spicy, rich, masculine scent. No man had the right to smell so good. Or look so good in nothing but loose running shorts and sneakers. Her eyes began at his jaw line, then went down, down, then back up to linger on his hard, chiseled abs.

“Like what you see?” he asked.

If you liked Caressed by Night…

You should check out the first book in Amanda J. Greene’s Rulers of Darkness series, Caressed by Moonlight. Victoria and Dorian, characters that appear in Caressed by Night, are the main couple in this book.

You might also enjoy When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy, the first book in the Guardians of Eternity series. A PNR series about vampires that is set in a dark, gritty world, these books are similar to Caressed by Night and the writing style is pretty similar, too.

Final Thoughts:

Although Caressed by Night didn’t “wow” me, I was impressed with the world that Amanda Greene came up with, and I had fun reading about Dimitri and Kerstyn. An inriguing story about betrayal, revenge, and romance, this book is worth a look!

Rating: Caressed by Night


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