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Review: Blurred Expectations (Redwood Pack #4.5) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Review: Blurred Expectations (Redwood Pack #4.5) by Carrie Ann Ryan

by IMPApril 3, 2013

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


A great addition to the Redwood Pack series, Ryan shows us the not so perfect happily ever after of our favorite Redwood Pack triad. Not your typical mating, they were brought together by tragedy, is it any wonder that tragedy seems to shadow this mating’s every step? Josh, realistically, is still struggling with his never before feelings for another man. Reed, the idealist is the most adapted of the three. Hannah… well Hannah is just broken. Circumstances, which shall not be named (spoilers after all are a big no no), have completely broken Hannah in a way that even her kidnapping in the previous book had not done. Now it’s up to her men to fix things.

The added drama and danger that they face adds a touch of action that I have come to expect from this author. Although I do wish there was more romance involved, this story was less about the romance and more about the emotional connection between the characters as they deal with grief. There is a definite shift in roles as they try to manage their circumstances. Reed, for the first time, is at a loss on how to keep things together.  Hannah is so irrationally obsessed I felt someone should have suggested she see a professional. And finally, we see Josh step back in to a take charge, take no prisoners role that I’m sure served him well as a soldier.

Do they get their happy ending? Of course, it is a romance novella after all. They just have to learn that sometimes things don’t work out the way they expect. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a grand plan in the works to even things out in the end.

If we’re lucky, your typical book contains pretty adequate character building within the book. This is not the case here. These characters are not stunted as soon as their book is over. They continue to develop from one book to the next. There has been a noticeable amount of character growth from book 3, Trinity Bound and the triad’s first appearance, to now, two books later. This sets Ryan’s characters apart from all others.


Memorable Quotes:

Even wolves have gay for you matings…

It felt so right to have his mates in his arms. He’d been the new one in the relationship, the one who hadn’t been involved in the paranormal world, who had never felt attracted to another man, yet here he was, in love with both Reed and Hannah and at peace.

Hannah shows her single-mindedness…

She hated herself for being weak. Why was it that she couldn’t just let go and let things happen? No, she had to try and force things, stressing herself out even more. She knew that stress didn’t lead to pregnancy in most cases.

Human, Wolf, Demon… when it comes to childbirth men are all the same…

Josh shook his head and kissed Hannah again. Things had a way of coming full circle and scaring the crap out of him.

Here he was, about to become a father, and all he wanted to do was sit down so he didn’t faint and look like a pussy. From the look of Reed, Josh figured he wasn’t alone.

If you liked Blurred Expectations…

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Rating: Blurred Expectations



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  • Tina B
    April 11, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Great review! I really enjoyed this one also. 🙂
    I like revisiting characters in series to see what they are up to.

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