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#GTRCA13 Author Spotlight: Meet Jan DeLima, standout new author in paranormal romance

#GTRCA13 Author Spotlight: Meet Jan DeLima, standout new author in paranormal romance

by davincikittieDecember 10, 2013

All week long, we’re spotlighting the nominees for two of our 2013 GraveTells Readers Choice Awards categories! Some of the nominees will be represented by bloggers and fellow authors, to help give you a closer look into what makes them stand out in their category.

#GTRCA13 Nominee: Most Promising New Author

Please help us welcome Carmel from Rabid Reads as she tells us more about Jan DeLima, nominee for Most Promising New Author!

Celtic Moon (Celtic Wolves #1) by Jan DeLima

Standing out within the paranormal genre is, in itself, no easy task but doing so as a debut author is practically inconceivable. CELTIC MOON defies the odds thanks to Jan DeLima’s distinctive writing style, original mythology and unlikely heroine which is why she deserves your vote for “Most Promising New Author of 2013”.

In her first book, Jan takes two urban fantasy staples (werewolves and paranormal lore) and makes them her own by blending both components with subjects she knows well: her home state’s rugged wilderness and ancient mythology. But the real star is her main heroine, Sophie Thibodeau, whose age puts her well past the point at which most other romance protagonists achieve their happily-ever-after ending. All of these elements come together seamlessly to illustrate DeLima’s undeniable talent as an author while also laying the groundwork for the future of her CELTIC WOLVES series. So, not only has Jan demonstrated that she has skill but staying power as well; two very important considerations towards the New Author nomination category.

DeLima has also proved that she’s not afraid of a little hard work; on top of writing a stellar first novel she’s been relentless at tackling all of the challenges that new writer’s face including helping manage her marketing campaign, recruiting reviewers and scheduling online appearances. You can’t help but admire an author who’s willing to get their hands dirty! Jan’s love of books and of her readers shows because she always takes the time to personally reply to every e-mail, tweet, post and comment. Her passion and enthusiasm for all sides of the publishing industry is infectious.

Jan DeLima is the whole package; talented, engaged and driven which is why she deserves to win the coveted title of “Most Promising New Author”. Please vote for this fab debut writer!

A note from Jan…
[quote]”The path to publication was a long journey for me, with over ten years and five rejected novels before the Celtic Wolves series was sold. To finally see my debut novel greet the world has been such a surreal feeling. I am so grateful for the warm reception Celtic Moon has received. Please know that I love all the emails and tweets sent my way! Know, too, that I understand how busy we all are in our everyday lives. Our free time is precious, and to give that time to any author is a gift. So, for those of you who have taken the time to read Celtic Moon, or have considered it for your TBR piles—thank you! I am honored. To be acknowledged as a nominee for this GraveTells award, and for all bloggers who have helped promote my book, simply put—you are awesome!”[/quote]

More about Jan DeLima’s work…

Check out the GraveTells review for the first book in Ms. DeLima’s Celtic Wolves series, Celtic Moon Here’s what DaVinciKittie had to say about it…

If you’re a fan of shifter stories and have been looking for your next “must read”, look no further than Celtic Moon! With respectably original creativity and a satisfying blend of lore and powerful personalities, the Celtic Wolves series is off to a fantastic start.

Celtic Moon is a unique blend of shifter lore, Arthurian legend, and ancient Celtic myth. The Celtic Wolves series is one of the more original and compelling story universes I’ve read in the paranormal romance genre, and the plot unfolds with dignity and intense loyalty.

Find it online: Amazon Paperback | Amazon Kindle

Meet Carmel…

Representing Jan DeLima today is Carmel from Rabid Reads! Check out her follow links below and give Rabid Reads a visit!

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#GTRCA13 GraveTells Readers Choice Awards 2013

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