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Burgers, Beer, and Werewolves! An interview with Eve Langlais, her sexy geeks & their alpha ladies

Burgers, Beer, and Werewolves! An interview with Eve Langlais, her sexy geeks & their alpha ladies

by The CaptainFebruary 26, 2012

I have the pleasure of getting to hang with Eve Langlais, some kick ass werewolves, and their sexy geeks today. A character interview full of laughs, sexual innuendo, and geek humor. Some of my favorite things.

I’m running late, like usual.  My kids were hanging onto my legs as I was trying to walk out the door, so I’ve got ketchup on my pants and coffee spilled on the sleeve of my jacket.  My husband was supposed to come with me today to Niagara Falls to meet up with Eve and crew, but he had to stay home and babysit.  Probably not a bad thing.  He’d be staring at Lexi and Deena and make me jealous anyway.

It’s not a terribly long drive and the Falls at this time of year are pretty amazing.  All frozen on top and sparkly in the sun.  We’re all going to have some dinner in a bar/restaurant nearby.  I’m really excited to meet the geeks – I happen to have a soft spot for nerdy guys.  Hell, I’m a nerd myself, so there’s camaraderie.

When I walk in, I’m looking for a tall curly headed blonde woman – Deena – or a really tall dark haired guy – Anthony.  I don’t see either.  Huh.  I’m only about fifteen minutes late, but maybe I missed them. I wander over to the hostess stand and ask if there’s a party under the last name of Langlais.  No. The little teenage girl standing there looks sort of vacant, like nobody’s home in her brain.  Then a sorta skinny guy approaches me with a shy grin.  He’s wearing glasses and a button down shirt.

Simon: Hey, you must be Jennifer. The gang sent me to keep an eye out for you. We’ve got a booth in the back, Eve insisted. She’s kind of shy about meeting people. Oh, I’m Simon by the way. Deena’s told me to answer any questions you have so feel free to ask away.

Me:  So, Simon, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Simon: Jumping right in, I see.  I’m a true Trekkie fan. I even have a blue uniform at home. Before you ask, yes, I’ve been to the last couple of conventions and had a blast. I just wish I could convince Deena to come to the next one. She’d look wicked in the red uniform I got her. Frank’s more of Star Wars guy, in case you’re wondering. He’s not had any better luck trying to get her to wear a Leia costume. We’re still trying though.

Me:  Well, I’ve been wondering!  <Smiles at Simon. He’s cute and seems nice.>  Besides, I like to know these things about people.  Gives me a baseline for how much of my nerd flag I can fly. A Leia costume, huh?  Pretty sexy.  I think you’ll get her into it eventually.  And then you can take it right back off again. <another grin for Simon. I’m incorrigible, I know.>

Leads us to a booth and I come to a halt as the two women seated stare at me with cold, appraising eyes. A chair is dragged forward and I’m seated just outside the curved  bench. It is then I notice the plump woman, her hair in a shoulder length bob wearing glasses. She smiles at me sheepishly and waves.

Eve: Hi. I’m Eve. Nice to meet you.

Me:  Eve!  Hi!  <hugs Eve who looks startled and laughs> I’m really sorry I’m late you guys.  The Tiny Divas were in rare form this morning.  I really appreciate you coming across the border – this whole thing with needing passports now is a total pain in the ass.

Eve: I especially love the convict photos on them. I swear, they make the most innocent person look like an axe murderer.

Me: Can’t be as bad the as picture on my license right now. I look like someone took a Flow-Bee to my head.

Anthony: Oh, I don’t know. I think Lexie’s is just right. She is a border line axe murderer and looks great in the picture.

I duck as I expect her to retaliate, but instead she laughs and covers his hand, the look in her eye sultry and suggestive.

Lexie: You say the sweetest things. <she purrs the words and Anthony devours her with a hungry expression that is a little too intimate>

Eve:<leans over and whispers>: Don’t get too freaked out. They’re always like that. Don’t worry, they won’t do anything too raunchy in public.

Me:  Damn.  That’s too bad.  Hot people making out is fun for everyone.

Frank: Then don’t go too far because we might.

Me: <That gets an eyebrow raise and I laugh.> Awesome.

Deena cuffs him, but it’s a light playful gesture and he grabs the hands that smacks him to place a kiss in the palm.

I glance around the table, trying not to blush like an idiot because the looks the women are giving me aren’t exactly friendly.  It’s not like I’m competition.  I’m wearing a grey thermal long sleeved shirt under one of my favorite tees – it has a picture of Anita Blake on it – jeans, and ratty Converse.  After two kids, my body ain’t exactly built for leather. These chicks are gorgeous.  Tall, well built, and obviously totally adored by their geeks.  The waitress comes up and asks for my drink order thank Baby Jesus.

Me: Oohh.  What have you got on draft?  I’m jonesing for a burger and a really cold beer.

She walks away after I order a short Killian’s with a definite swish to her hips that makes me laugh.

Me:  I think she’s hoping for some attention.  So, Frank did you get to see the re-release of Phantom Menace in 3D?  It wasn’t my favorite of the series by far, but I would have liked to see it.

Frank: The new stuff is decent, but I’m more into the three originals. They had a gritty realism to them that I found lacking in the Phantom Menace and the others. Deena here is a closet Indiana Jones fan. I won’t talk about the things she can with a whip, but trust me, it’s hot.

He winks and Deena laughs. I laugh too.  I love it when I can make jokes about stuff like this.  My husband has no interest in fantasy or sci-fi.

Eve: Perv. Give some geeks a hot alpha female and they think they can talk dirty about anything.

Deena: Don’t piss me off, Eve. You know I don’t like it when anyone talks bad about my mates.

Eve rolls her eyes.

Eve: Don’t get your panties in a twist. I was just stating the truth, and don’t you even think of using me to get one of your fights going. I am well aware of your penchant to jump in and defend your men so that you can have some wild, adrenaline fueled sex.

Simon: The best kind.

Frank: Aw, come on, Eve. I wouldn’t mind watching you and Deena get all feisty with each other, you know pull some hair, rip some clothes.

Me: <Laughing> Flirty geeks are the greatest. I think you and my husband would get a long famously.  He likes to tease me about hot girl on girl stuff too.

I watch as Eve gives Deena a look and she replies by slipping her hand under the table. Whatever she did must have hurt, because Frank yelps.

Deena: So you want to see other women naked?

Frank gives her a look that just screams there’s no other woman alive who can compare, and whispers something in her ear. Must have been juicy because Deena actually blushes and begins shoving at Frank while dragging Simon behind her. They tumble out of the booth.

Frank: Gotta go. We just remembered we have another appointment.

Simon: We do?

Both Frank and Deena shoot him a look and understanding dawns on his face. He waves bye as he leaves with the other two. And then there were four.

Me: Well, that didn’t take long.  Think they’ll make it more than ten feet out the door or they’ll just go into the bathroom and destroy it? <Laughs.> Hey, can I come sit on the bench with you guys? I feel like the reject in the lunch room no one will sit with out here.

Eve: Come on over. It’s not the full moon yet, so we might be able to keep Lexie from biting.

Lexie: Oh, I don’t know. I’m feeling kind of hungry.is directed at Anthony.>

Me:  So Lexie, I’ve been dying to ask you what kind of bike you have. I sold mine after my kids were born cause I didn’t have time to ride it anymore but I was just looking at a sport touring bike the other weekend.  I think it might be more my speed than another cruiser.  My husband wants me to take his old Yamaha, but I’m not really feeling it.

Lexie: I recently upgraded to a Zx14. I love all that power between my legs. <she chuckles and Anthony actually blushes> Do you ride?

Me: Every. Chance. I. Get. <I take a sip of my beer and grin to myself.  Hubby is home tonight for once. The innuendo isn’t lost on Lexie.> But motorcycles, yeah.  Not for a while, but I’ll get another bike sometime.  I’ve got a lot of commitments and since I can’t bungee cord my kids to the seat, I’m sorta stuck with just my car for now.

Eve: So, my turn to ask you an embarrassing question. What do you like most about a geek?

Lexie: They make enthusiastic lovers.

Me: <cracking up.> Agreed!  I second that!

Eve: Um, can we let someone else answer the question?

Lexie: Why? I am after all qualified to answer this. Of course, he could be unique in his skills, see Anthony has this thing he does with his fingers,  that just blows me away. I think he’s so digitally nimble from all those years working on computers and doing fine tasks in the lab.

Eve: <Eve’s face hits the table and she moans> Why me?

Me:  Really?!  Well, I should have brought Jim with me for a little one on one comparison session then. Anything I can do to expand his bag of tricks sounds good to me. <grin at Lexie> What do I like about geeks?  Well, I’m married to one. He’s a geek of a different flavor, but still a geek.  But, anyway, I think they’re generally nicer than other guys.  And they’re fun to chase after. I do like to chase….. <getting a little wistful> They always seem surprised that you’re interested. And yeah, the sex is pretty awesome.  Can’t wait to go home and have some.


My burger finally comes and I dig into it, trying not to laugh at the looks that Anthony and Lexie are giving me – when they’re not staring at each other. Maybe they’ve never seen a hungry woman eat before. I shove my fries toward them, but they’re outta their minds if they think they’re getting anywhere near my burger.

Me: So, Lexie, when I get my new bike wanna take me on a little ride through some of Canada?  I’d like to see some of the better parts of the country.

Lexie: Sounds like a date. Maybe we’ll even get Eve to leave her cave again and get on the back of her hubby’s bike.

Eve: My fat ass prefers a car. <Eve laughs> But, I do have to admit,  I do enjoy gripping hubby between my thighs and holding on tight. <She no sooner says it than she’s beet red and giggling hysterically.>

Lexie leans over to whisper: Don’t worry. We’ll set a date and then go over and drag her from her desk to come along. I know her husband. He’ll help us. <In a louder tone> It might be fun to let our boys talk, see if their technique is the same. Anthony loves to learn new things. <She grins and winks. He blushes, but before he ducks his head, I see his lips quirk.>

Me: Absolutely. And that whole learning new things is just another thing to add to why geeks do it better, right?

We have a good time making small talk.  Lexie might be totally capable of destroying me with one hand, but I think she’s decided I don’t have any designs on her man, so she seems cool with my presence now.  Anthony is definitely a hunky geek, and I love that he blushes occasionally, but I’ve got my own guy at home.  And lord knows I can’t handle anymore.

Me: So, this was a really fun afternoon for me.  Thanks guys.  <smiles> I got to eat almost all of my own food without it being poached by tiny people and the only food on my clothes is the stuff I came with.

Eve looks down mournfully at her blouse.

Eve: I wish I could say the same.

Lexie: Glad to meet you, and even gladder I didn’t need to kick your ass.

Anthony just inclines his head and gives me a shy smile.

Me: Err, yeah. Really glad you didn’t feel the need to pulverize me. It wouldn’t take much. I haven’t kept up with my Kenpo training well. <thinking> I’m not a bad sort, for a human.

Eve: Maybe we’ll do this again sometime. Just not with Muriel and her father. Lucifer is a handful at the best of times. Give him an audience and…Let’s just say, he likes to act up. Nice to meet you.

Me: Nice to meet you too. And as far as Lucifer goes, well, maybe he just needs a geeky chick to, uh, take him for a long ride.  Wear him out a bit. <snicker> Anthony, it was nice to meet you too. And if you can come up with something in that lab of yours that lets me go outside and not turn into a crispy critter in like ten minutes I’d love to get in on that. Oh, and Lexie, you’re awesome.

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