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Book Tour & Giveaway (US/Int): Taking Maroon Five’s Shiver Beyond the Edge with Kallysten’s vampire menage

Book Tour & Giveaway (US/Int): Taking Maroon Five’s Shiver Beyond the Edge with Kallysten’s vampire menage

by davincikittieMay 16, 2013

Please help me welcome author Kallysten with a very special flash fiction writing challenge!

Hello everyone, and thank you GraveTells for welcoming me today as part of my tour!

I have a tendency to get very attached to my characters – like all writers I suppose! – and sometimes I can’t let go at all… That’s what happened with the threesome and couple featured in Beyond The Edge. The initial story for each begged for sequels, and I could never refuse anything to my muse. In between writing those sequels, I often wrote flash fiction, small bites of story that show what happens after ‘the end’. It’s one such bite I’d like to offer you today, with a ‘deleted scene’ set sometime before or during Beyond The Edge.

When I ask for prompts, I often get a word or two to use as a theme. DaVinciKittie gave me a little bit of a challenge with the following prompt:

[quote]Inspired by: Lyrics from Maroon Five’s Shiver.
The challenge: write a sexy scene between at least three characters without using any overly sexual words/lingo. Create the implication of the type of shivering heat talked about in the song in an unconventional way.[/quote]

I gave it my best try, and I hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse into my characters’ lives!

DVK’s note: Super-steamy, love it!


The Dance

Music rose from the core of the club, muted yet strong. It pulsed through the entire building, as regular as a heartbeat: life itself turned into sound. As late as it was, customers kept going down to the lower level dance floor, or back up to the bar. Most of them, consciously or not, continued to move along to the music even when they stopped dancing.

Leo’s shift at the bar was ending. He loved his job, he truly did, but some nights were longer than others. He’d watched Brett go upstairs earlier that night, and less than an hour had passed before Lisa had followed, throwing Leo a wink across the room. If he knew his lovers at all—and after the past fifteen years, he was fairly certain he did—they had started without him.

He didn’t mind, far from it. Watching them together was one of his favorite things, second only to being with them. However, working at the bar down here and imagining what they might be doing upstairs, what he was missing, whether words, laughs or caresses—the simple thought of it was driving him crazy with need. Usually, he made it an art to flirt with his customers, but tonight genuine smiles remained beyond him, let alone small talk. Tension thrummed through his body along with the pounding of the drums and his skin felt two sizes too small.

When the clock above the bar finally freed him from his duties, he didn’t run to the door marked ‘private’ in the back of the room, but only because it was so close. He took the stairs up to the loft three at a time.

As soon as he opened the door, he could hear the same music that was playing downstairs in the club: Brett’s computer, plugged into the stereo system, transformed their living room into their very own private dance floor. Candles set here and there throughout the room provided the only light and magnified the intimate mood. On the sofa, Brett and Lisa were taking advantage of that privacy for a very special dance. The mere sight of them sent a shiver through Leo’s body.

Approaching slowly, he observed them as he unbuttoned his shirt. Their bodies danced to the same slow, sultry beat as the music, each of them moving in tune with the other. After so many nights spent in the same bed, the resonance between them felt like a smooth melody. In the light of the candles, Lisa’s pale flesh and Brett’s golden skin tone almost seemed to glow.

The two of them flashed him the same heated smile, telling him without a word that they were aware they had an audience, were glad he’d finally come up, and welcomed him to join them any time he wanted. He would, soon. First, he wanted to enjoy this prelude.

Their smiles pressed together again, small kisses, flicks of tongue and painless bites accompanying the shimmy of their bodies against one another. Lisa’s hands played over Brett’s shoulders as they might have on the strings of an instrument, following the rhythm of his hips, which in turn responded to the music.

Leo continued to undress as he stepped closer to the sofa, taking in the glorious sight they made.

“You could have waited for me,” he said, low enough not to break their focus.

Brett raised his head to look at him, but it was Lisa who laughed. “Are we really supposed—” The intensity of her words wavered as a counterpoint to Brett’s suddenly more forceful tempo. “—supposed to believe you don’t enjoy… finding us like this?”

The music that filled the room had changed, the series of slow songs now over. In its place, the DJ was playing a faster beat, and the riff from an electric guitar was echoing right through the room—right through Brett and Lisa as she shifted under him, pulling him tighter against her.

“Think of it this way,” Brett said in between two harsh breaths, two twists and slides. “We were rehearsing. Now that you’re here, we can really start playing.”

The curve of his smile was just as much an invitation as that of his spine.

Leaving the last of his clothes behind, Leo crouched by the sofa, his face near theirs. Resting on his forearms, Brett pushed himself a little higher. He increased his momentum and allowed Leo to slide a hand between them, where Lisa’s skin had soaked in Brett’s warmth. Small touches of his fingers struck a chord, and Lisa’s entire body seemed to vibrate suddenly.

She moaned before dropping a hand from Brett’s shoulder to clutch Leo’s fingers briefly.

“Just a minute ago,” she said, “you complained we started without you. And yet… You’re not joining us.”

“Oh, I will,” he whispered. “I just wanted a kiss.”

She licked her lips, but Leo turned to Brett first. He hated to break Brett’s rhythm, but it wouldn’t be for long. Curling a hand at the back of Brett’s head, Leo leaned in close for a brusque kiss, devouring Brett’s mouth and tasting Lisa’s sweetness on his tongue. Of their own accord, his fangs dropped. Without hesitation, Brett scratched his tongue against one of them, adding the flavor of his blood to the kiss.

Leo let out a low hum. A couple of inches away, Lisa did too, though need filled that wordless sound. Breaking off his kiss with Brett, Leo found her mouth. Their kiss was just as deep, and just as brief: already, Brett was beginning to accelerate again, following the pounding beat of the rock song that flooded the room.

Lisa’s eyes clenched tightly shut. “Come on,” she mumbled against Leo’s lips. “Don’t wanna fall without you.”

Her words shot through Leo. Whatever restraint he had held on to until this moment shattered. He had to join them, and he had to join them now.

His shaky hand slipped between the sofa cushions and retrieved a small, half-empty tube. He made good use of it and soon was settling behind Brett on the sofa. Through the slower bridge of the song playing over the speakers, Leo molded his body to Brett’s, finding his place with them.

Their dances were always so much better when two became three.

From all of them, sighs spilled into the air just as the bridge ended. Once again, the tempo accelerated. Once again, they followed it.

The exertion had left Brett’s back slick with sweat. Leo tasted the salt of it, along with the faintest trace of blood where Lisa’s nails had left long, red trails. The strength and flavor zinged through him and straight to the very tip of him. Clinging to Brett’s hips, he arched back on his next slide, and his grunt found an echo in Brett’s cry, his movement in Brett’s jerk forward.

Lisa’s voice joined theirs, and as different as they all were, somehow finding harmony and bliss had never been easier.

The music was still playing when they collapsed together, their bodies vibrating with shared pleasure. It wasn’t long before they started again. They chose different steps, this time, but in the end, the dance was always the same.

Beyond the Edge (sequel to On the Edge, Out of the Box series) by KallystenAs Brett Andrews, owner of the famous club On The Edge, reaches the big ‘four-O,’ he has one request and one question for his two vampire lovers, Leo and Lisa: he doesn’t want them to organize any sort of celebration for him – but he does want to know why neither of them has ever mentioned the possibility of turning him into a vampire.

The question finds an answer, and the three of them share a promise for the year to come. His request, on the other hand, is doomed from the start as they already have plans for the big day: they have a gift for him to match presents he offered each of them, and the party they planned with help from a couple of friends promises to be something special.

Vampire Anando and his human lover Virginia met at On The Edge. They are friends and occasional lovers of Leo, Brett and Lisa. When asked, they gladly accept to host the big-bash birthday party – and the private after-party, too. A good time is had by all, but the last gift is only revealed a few weeks later, to be delivered after nine months.

With both humans in love with vampires, neither expected a child in their future. As for the vampires, they knew for a fact that they’d never become parents. For all five, once the first shock has passed, decisions have to be made. Will this new adventure strengthen bonds of love and friendship, or will it tear lives apart?

Buy it… from the author | for Amazon Kindle | for Amazon UK or CA | for Kobo | on Smashwords

About the author

Kallysten’s most exciting accomplishment to date was to cross a few thousand miles and an ocean to pursue (and catch!) the love of her life. She has been writing for over fifteen years, and always enjoyed sharing her stories and listening to the readers’ reactions. After playing with science fiction, short stories and poetry, she is now trying her hand, heart and words at paranormal romance novels.

To see her other stories, including free short stories and sample chapters, visit

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