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Book Tour & Giveaway: Tears of the Broken author A.M. Hudson chats about the recipe for tragic love

Book Tour & Giveaway: Tears of the Broken author A.M. Hudson chats about the recipe for tragic love

by davincikittieFebruary 13, 2012

Help me welcome Tears of the Broken author A.M. Hudson to GraveTells today!

Thank you so much for having me here today so I can talk with you about vampires. Let’s face it. There’s something hot about them, right? That’s why I decided 3 years ago to write a vampire novel.

I’d loved vampires from so many different stories; some that drank human blood, some animal blood, some that had compassion, some that killed without remorse, and there were aspects of each class that attracted me.

I’ve extracted the alluring essence of every vampire, and formulated a new race. One unlike any you’ve ever read before. Then, I conjured up a plot to breed them in. I wanted a story that appealed to the teenager in all of us, but also had an edge to it that YA novels wouldn’t risk. So, I wrote the Dark Secrets series, and people fell in love with it.

Being that I have a very scientific mind, it wasn’t enough for me to say “Vampires are supernatural because I say so.” I wanted to give you an explanation for everything. Every myth you ever encountered, every special ability, everything to do with vampires, I researched and fabricated a reason for it–even made up my own myths.

But vampires aren’t sexy without a female companion to go all ga-ga over them. So, in comes Ara-Rose; a girl so confused, messed up and downright stupid for some of the things she does that she can often leave readers wanting to either slap her or take her in their arms and tell her how to do it the right way. Despite that, she is so well-loved by all who have read the books. And, what would a character be if there wasn’t room for self-growth?

Through the series you will see Ara make many mistakes–some you will empathise with, others you will find yourself throwing the book at a wall, cursing Ara or perhaps myself. But you will never be short on desire to read. This novel is based on a proven recipe of intense emotional relationships, all rolled-up with a fate-line that differs to the heart’s desires, and a few sexy scenes to get you a little hot.

Vampire lovers, this is your great night in.

Romance lovers, prepare yourself with a box of tissues.

While I had a lot of fun writing this series, there are formulations I have adhered to. Correct grammar and punctuation being one of them. Making you fall in love, cry your heart out, and hold the edge of your seat being another. I also pride myself on taking the bold approach, just like my favourite author, Stephen King, and I will not go easy on my charters. Rosy cheeks and starlit beaches with couples holding hands? You won’t find that in this series. Expect pain, tragedy, and fear that the happy ending you want will not be the one you will get.

I hope to see you all over at the Dark Secrets fan page on Facebook where you can comment on the series, ask question or tell me how much you hate Ara or anything else. Hell, you can even tell me about your terrible day. All are welcome. And if you would like to read Tears of the Broken, the first book in the series, go to Amazon for a Kindle or paperback copy.

Thank you so much for hosting me here today, and I wish you all a great night in.

Tears of the Broken

Book 1 in the Dark Secrets Series
by A.M. Hudson

Lies are the shadows of betrayal…the vampire will be the light.

When you love someone, there’s nothing you wouldn’t forgive.
But what about murder?

Ara-Rose will learn that life is fashioned from one tragedy after the next, and that sometimes, the truth people hide from you is nothing you could have imagined.

But Ara has secrets of her own, and she’s willing to take them to her grave–a place David Knight will fight to keep her from.


I nodded toward the guitar lying abandoned on the rug. “Music is something that comes from a really deep place in me. I feel things so much, so completely, and that song—” I leaned back and looked into his emerald eyes. “It was so beautiful.”
“It reminds me of you, Ara.” His gaze penetrated my watery barrier and made my heart forget how to beat.
“Don’t you see how much I’m in love with you?” He grabbed my face and rested his fingers under my hair at the back of my neck. “Don’t you get it? Forever doesn’t have to be a curse for me. Not anymore—not now that I have you.”
Motionless, breathless, with the only connection to the real world being the burning sun above, my mind fought for reason. “But we don’t get to live forever.”
“What if we did? What if you could have an eternity with me?” His thumb pressed into my cheek a little. “Would you take it?”
“If there was such a magic in the world.” A soft breeze cooled the top of my head and a peaceful serenity encased us. “If eternity were real—I’d give my soul to spend it with you.”

About the author

A.M. Hudson started writing full-time after her third child. She lives a more than ordinary life in Australia with her husband and children. When she’s not writing, she sings in a duo or can be found under a pile of books.

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