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Book Review: What A Wolf Wants (Black Hills Wolves #2) by Heather Long

Book Review: What A Wolf Wants (Black Hills Wolves #2) by Heather Long

by davincikittieApril 9, 2015

** This review contains minor plot spoilers **

What A Wolf Wants is a short-ish story (right at 25000 words) so I’ll make this a short-ish review. 🙂

This second book in the joint-effort Black Hills Wolves series will require some suspension of disbelief even for paranormal lovers. I didn’t love how quickly Saja just accepted various story elements:

  • The existence of people who change into giant wolves
  • Seeing Ryker in a violent situation with little to no emotional repercussions or fear of him
  • Accepting a permanent, intimate bond with Ryker after only hours of knowing him

Now, all that said, paranormal novellas often come across like this. With such a limited word count, an author can only fit in so much into a story, and some elements just have to be sacrificed.

If you go into this book knowing and understanding that, you’ll probably enjoy it. The characters are distinct and likable, the world building is well crafted, and the story fits nicely into the existing series universe without requiring the reader to have read the previous book. What a Wolf Wants didn’t have the emotional punch that I’ve come to expect from Ms. Long’s stories, but it was a quick, fun, enjoyable read.

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