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Book Review: Tall, Dark, and Divine (Bagging a Greek God #1) by Jenna Bennett

Book Review: Tall, Dark, and Divine (Bagging a Greek God #1) by Jenna Bennett

by dg_mollyAugust 28, 2013

*** This review contains slight plot spoilers. ***

Eros needs to get over Psyche. His business is suffering. And when there’s no love in the world, bad things happen – war, famine, natural disasters, etc. He needs to get his head out of his ass and stop drinking ambrosia all day. After being dragged to Dionysus’ bar, a local hang-out for other Greek gods, by his co-workers, Eros finds himself in a conversation with the cute little baker, Annie, from across the street.

Annie is curvy and a little self-conscious about her extra weight, but she’s not going to let that deter her from picking up a man for the night. It’s been awhile since she’s had sex and she’s not looking for a relationship. After eavesdropping on Eros’ two co-workers in the bathroom and hearing how he needs to get over his ex, Annie decides that a little romp with a Greek “god” for the night is just what the doctor ordered.

Not wanting to get involved with another human, Eros convinces Annie to hit on the accountant that he’s been dying to hook her up with, except the whole situation goes bottoms-up when the accountant disses Annie, making her leave the bar with tears in her eyes. Eros, ever the gentleman, goes to comfort her. One thing leads to another and the two sleep together. What commences is a whole lot of denial and attempted match-making (Eros) and confusion/anger/hurt (Annie). Can the two get it together and finally admit to themselves and each other that they both have feelings that are a little deeper than a random hook-up?

This book was very clever in that the author used Greek gods in a modern setting and took the time to explain who they were and a little of their back-stories, as well. The secondary characters were amusing as hell, especially Dionysus. I found the main characters, Annie and Eros, to be extremely annoying. Him, in that he lived in denial until the last possible minute and her, in that she went along with his hair-brained attempts at match-making. The progression of the story was great until the end and then it was like *BOOM*, they’re madly in love. As a reader, it left me saying, “Whaaaat??” It definitely felt rushed and somewhat ruined the story for me. This series has the potential to be really good, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Memorable Quotes

It’s ALWAYS happy hour…

“Drinking again?” Ari said. “Do you really think this is the time and place to celebrate?”
Eros shrugged. “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”

The epitome of “panty-dropper”

“And I’m Dion,” the bartender said, appropriating her hand for himself. Instead of shaking it or even just holding it the way Eros had done, he lifted it to his lips. And instead of merely kissing it –at least it seemed that way – he brushed his lips over her knuckles, lingering for a bit longer than strictly necessary. Not that she minded, really. It wasn’t something anyone would mind. Although Eros seemed to. He scowled at Dion, who grinned and let go of Annie’s hand, albeit not without a wink. “Who are you having, sweet cheeks?”
Who was she having?
As she blinked, unsure how to respond, Dion grinned. “Another Cosmo?”

If you liked…

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Tall, Dark, and Divine is…

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