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Book Review: Koishi (Gatekeepers #1) by Annie Nicholas

Book Review: Koishi (Gatekeepers #1) by Annie Nicholas

by Buffy KennedyJune 20, 2013

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

The only word that keeps running through my mind to describe this story is “fun”. The author is a good writer with a lot of witty humor that keeps you reading and enjoying from beginning to end. The characters each had their quirks and all contributed to the funny factor.

The teasing banter between Sandra and Koishi is amusing and occasionally even sweet. Their chemistry is good, but not over the top, and when they got down to it, they were hot. I did feel that Koishi had more depth to him than Sandra did. Sandra, while likeable and all, seemed a little two-dimensional. What you see is what you get with her. Koishi showed a little more evolution throughout the story in different ways so it was really to his character that I was particularly attached.

The plot itself was pretty predictable, I won’t lie, but it was exciting and fun which made up for it and kept me reading anyway. Koishi’s very dragon way of looking at things felt very authentic and stayed true throughout and that too brought the book up in stature. This was truly just a fun, pretty light-hearted read all around.

Memorable Quotes

Well, you know what they say about Asian food…

“Yes, he especially enjoyed the little dogs you brought.” The small bundles had been tender and their hair very short so they didn’t tickly when swallowed. They went well with a movie.
“The Chihuahuas?”
“Yes, those. You should buy a few breeding pair and start producing them. He’ll buy whatever you bring.”
Moe grimaced, but nodded.
Why did humans frown upon him eating dogs? They were delicious. He’d even sent his crazed mother a basket of them as a present. He would have loved to see the expression on her stern face when those arrived. She never played with her food. Her warrior nature wouldn’t allow such nonsense.

At least he’s honest and up front about it.

“They would kill me.”
“And I won’t?”
Urgle prostrated himself at his feet. “Mercy, great dragon. I no warrior. I a humble blacksmith. I no fight worth shit.”


He led an army consisting of creatures with the general IQ of a tomato.
He stood on the edge of the battlefield, at the entrance to the dwarven colony, and watched as a goblin ran from a group of dwarves. He kept looking over his shoulder at his assailants until he ran into a large boulder.
Ishi shook his head. Tomatoes were smarter.

If you liked…

If you enjoyed Koishi, you should check out Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison. It’s a story about a thief who steals from a dragon and all the repercussions that follow. It’s another sexy paranormal romance, but while it’s got its fun moments, there are some more serious elements such as political machinations to it as well.

Koishi is…

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  • Sophia Rose
    June 21, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    I love dragon stories and this one does sound fun. Hilarious quotes!

    • June 21, 2013 at 3:27 pm

      It really is, and thanks, I actually laughed out loud at the first and last ones, so I had to include them and I loved Urgle – he’s such a goofy little creature.

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