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Book Review: Blood Roses (Blackthorn #2) by Lindsay J. Pryor

Book Review: Blood Roses (Blackthorn #2) by Lindsay J. Pryor

by dg_mollyApril 30, 2013

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Leila is a witch, a.k.a. an interpreter, someone who reads and interprets ancient texts and performs spells. She’s also a serryn, which is a very rare type of witch that was thought to be extinct. They exude a magnetic pull for vampires that makes their blood irresistible… and fatal. Being extremely gifted as an interpreter and surviving a horrific attack has contributed to growing up with her nose in a book and ingrained a serious hate for vampires. She’s extremely guarded, naïve and sheltered, but would lay down her life for her two younger sisters. Leila doesn’t think twice about going to Blackthorn to save her sister even when it means the secret of her serryn blood could likely be revealed.

Caleb, a former serryn hunter, controls his businesses and employees with an iron fist. Reputation in Blackthorn is everything. Appear to be weak and the sharks will be circling to take you down. Serryns have played a monumental role in Caleb’s past. It’s the reason he became not only a hunter, but one of the best, darkest, and cruelest. After more than half a century, he’s never had the urge to bite… until Leila.

Leila and Caleb’s courtship is tumultuous at best. Leila’s feelings for Caleb go against her natural instinct which make her feel immense self-loathing, while Caleb acts indifferent towards her, but inwardly feels the opposite. Both don’t trust one another and when a prophecy is revealed claiming that a serryn holds the fate to the future of the vampire race, Leila and Caleb must each decide between saving the world and protecting their own beliefs or their love.

Memorable Quotes:

A FUBAR’d situ…

“What is this doesn’t work?”

His gaze snapped to hers, eyes menacing at the prospect she might fail. “You said you can do this.”

“He might be too far gone.”

“If my brother dies tonight, your sister dies – slowly and painfully.”

Cheeky vamp…

“Look at me,” he said.

She closed her eyes for a moment, resentment tearing through her.

“Look at me or you’ll learn the hard way that I don’t like asking twice.”

She tore her gaze from the floor to glower up into his green eyes.

He smirked. “Well, if that isn’t a ‘fuck you’ glare, I don’t know what is.”

A lover and a fighter…

“So does this mean you’ve stopped running, Leila. Are you ready to face this?”

“Are you?”

“I’m ready to take you when I want, where I want, how I want. I have been from the minute you walked in here. You’re already mine. It seems you always have been.” He leaned back in the booth seat. He poured another drink but slid the glass towards her. “So let’s have a toast,” he said, keeping the bottle for himself. He clinked it against her glass. “One of us is going to save the world. Sounds like game on to me.”

If you liked Blood Roses…

If you liked Blood Roses and haven’t read the rest of the Blackthorn series, definitely check out Blood Shadows (Blackthorn #1 – paperback, Kindle), a chilling and dark love story that will have you guessing til the very end (Loved it! Unlike anything I’ve ever read!) and Blood Torn (Blackthorn #3) the story of Leila’s missing sister and the head of the lycan pack, Jask. Due to be released autumn 2013.

Rating: Blood Roses


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