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Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Permission, by DaVinciKittie

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Permission, by DaVinciKittie

by davincikittieFebruary 14, 2013

Sweet Micah,

Before you met Sam, things were really rough for you. I know what you wanted when you struck that deal with Apostle. I know how you longed for something you thought you couldn’t have. If I’d been there that night instead of Sam, this is what I would have shown you…

Much as you blame yourself, you can’t be blamed for the way you feel
Had no example of a love, that was even remotely real
How can you understand something that you never had
Baby if you let me, I can help you out with all of that
I can see the pain behind your eyes
It’s been there for quite a while
I just wanna be the one to remind you what it is to smile
I would like to show you what true love can really do
So let me love you…

Then, when you’d finally seen what a treasure you are and how love really feels, I’d hope you’d see the same need in me and serenade me with something like this…

Girl let me love you
And I will love you
Until you learn to love yourself
Girl let me love you
And all your trouble
Don’t be afraid, girl let me help
A heart of numbness, gets brought to life
I’ll take you there
So let me love you…

I know what we could have had will never be and Sam is so perfect for you, but just for today, let me love you and show how much I care.


This letter was written for Micah Black, hero of Donya Lynne’s Rise of the Fallen
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Watch the video that inspired it…

Song lyrics written by: Mikkel S. Erkisen, Sia Furler, Mark Hadfield, Tor E. Hermansen, Mike Di Scala, Shaffer Smith; Video by Ne-Yo

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